(Minghui.org) The Minghui website plays a critical role in our cultivation. On this experience sharing platform, articles serve as references and lessons regarding issues we run into during our cultivation. Minghui also serves as a way for us to make collective improvement. Its search function can gather information regarding particular topics and can directly help practitioners who are experiencing tribulations. I have a good example.

A fellow practitioner made a special trip to see me a few days ago. She told me I was probably being monitored or may have been placed under investigation; she reminded me about safety. Even though I thought it was unlikely, negative thoughts continued to emerge in my mind. When I was clear-minded I rejected the negative thoughts, but sometimes I became confused and followed a negative train of thought. I couldn't concentrate while studying the Fa that evening.

The next morning I destroyed some bad print-outs of my truth-clarification materials, as if I was preparing for my home to be raided. Negative thoughts kept coming to my mind. Even though I knew the thoughts weren't my own, I still couldn't reject them.

I thought my attachment of fear made these thoughts stay in my mind, so I launched the Minghui website and searched the site using the keywords “fear” and “eliminate fear” to see how other practitioners had eliminated their fear. After reading some sharing articles, it dawned on me that the incident wasn't something Master had arranged. It was interference by the old forces. I immediately started searching for articles using the keywords: “eliminate the old forces.”

Many articles I found only mentioned these key words, but weren't exactly on this topic, so I used the advanced search function to find articles with “old forces” in the titles. Almost all the articles I found were on this topic this time. I read all the articles on the first five pages of the search results. While reading the last one, I found that the bad thoughts had completely gone from my mind. My fear disappeared. I knew for sure that the so-called “investigation” wouldn't happen.

Even though bad thoughts occasionally came to my mind over the following couple of days, I was able to eliminate them and rest assured that a raid wouldn't happen because it wasn't arranged by Master.

I was happy to pass this test with the help of sharing articles on the Minghui website. I hope fellow practitioners will also make good use of the search function on Minghui to get help.