(Minghui.org) Mr. Wang Hongwei, a Falun Gong practitioner from Yuzhou City, Henan Province, was arrested by police from the Yuzhou City Domestic Security Division in Zhengzhou City, the capital of Henan Province.

During his interrogation, Mr. Wang was tortured and sustained multiple injuries. His family and attorney have filed complaints on his behalf.

On the evening of August 25, Wang Xiaowei and other police officers from the Yuzhou City Domestic Security Division along with officers from the Zhengzhou Police Bureau broke into Mr. Wang's apartment. They arrested him and took him to the detention center.

Ten days later, Mr. Wang's family heard of his whereabouts from an informant, who said that Mr. Wang was tortured while being interrogated. His family immediately asked an acquaintance who could get in touch with the police for more information about Mr. Wang.

They discovered that, within just seven days, the Yuzhou City Domestic Security Division police had submitted his case to the local procuratorate. The evidence to prosecute him was his 2015 lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, the former dictator who initiated the persecution of Falun Gong.

The procuratorate did not approve Mr. Wang's arrest, in which case the police should have released him and allowed him to live at home under surveillance. Instead, they kept him in the detention center. Within a few hours, they had served him with a notice of criminal detention.

On September 15, Mr. Wang's family tried to file complaints with both the Yuzhou City Police Bureau and Procuratorate. The Yuzhou City Procuratorate Complaint Center refused to accept their complaint.

On September 18, Mr. Wang's attorney went to the detention center to see him. At first, officials at the detention center would not allow a meeting, saying that the attorney needed permission from the officials who handled his case. The attorney talked to them at length and was finally allowed access to Mr. Wang. He was not permitted to take his cell phone inside.

At their meeting, Mr. Wang confirmed that he was tortured during his interrogation. Because he refused to admit any guilt, the police beat and kicked him, slapped his face, and handcuffed him to the interrogation chair. He was injured in many places. His wrists had deep lacerations from the handcuffs. 

The attorney then went to the Arrest Approval Section of the City Procuratorate to negotiate but was not able to talk to any official who handled Mr. Wang's case. The receptionist first told him that the officials were in meetings, then said that the official who handled the case was out of town. The attorney finally had to leave a letter asking that Mr. Wang's arrest not be approved.

The attorney later went to the Complaint Center to submit his complaint, but the officials there simply refused to accept it. After extended negotiations, they asked a deputy chief of the procuratorate for a solution. The deputy chief finally asked the Complaint Center to take care of the letter.


Mr. Wang was a distinguished military officer when he started practicing Falun Dafa in 1998.

When the Jiang regime started persecuting Falun Gong in 1999, Mr. Wang’s supervisor threatened him, trying to pressure him to give up his belief. Due to his firm belief in Falun Dafa, Mr. Wang was forced to leave the army and went to work at the Liangbei Town government in Yuzhou City.

He was sent to Xuchang No. 3 Forced Labor Camp in 2002, where he was tortured.

Before the 2005 New Year, Mr. Wang was followed and arrested by officers from the legal sector of the Yuzhou City Police Bureau. His wife and under-five-year-old son were also taken to the Yuzhou City Police Bureau. His son was kept in custody overnight and picked up by his grandfather who traveled in from the countryside the next morning. His wife was detained for one month in the detention center.

In the Yuzhou City Detention Center, Mr. Wang went on a hunger strike to protest his treatment and was brutally force-fed. He was later sentenced to six years in prison.

While in Zhengzhou Prison, Mr. Wang was incarcerated in the Education Section for years and severely tortured. He was beaten, detained in solitary, forced to stand for prolonged periods, and was verbally abused. About six months before his release, he was transferred to another section where he was subjected to brainwashing.

Parties Who Participated in Persecuting Mr. Wang:

Yuzhou City Political and Legal Affairs Committee
Song Zhanhua, secretary: +86-13569939069
610 Office: +86-374-8279720Wu Qingxu, 610 Office director: +86-374-8201039, +86-13700895321

Yuzhou City Police Bureau
Zu Junmin, chief: +86-18637462166
Zang Yusheng, deputy chief: +86-13608487296; +86-18839906777Cui Guohui, mainly handles cases about Falun Gong: +86-13700898332

Yuzhou City Domestic Security Division
Li Hongwei, capitain: +86-13782348886
Luo Dongjun, director: +86-15803745666Wang Xiaowei, lieutenant: +86-18839906119

Yuzhou City Procuratorate
Ren Guoqiang, chief: +86-374-8168001, +86-15936366566
Liu Pingting, deputy chief: +86-374-8168003, +86-15936377771Yan Yingchao, deputy chief: +86-374-8168006, +86-13903748030

Arrest Approval Section
Ding Ziling (handles Mr. Wang's case): +86-374-8168139, +86-13937448233
Wang Hongpu, section head: +86-374-8168131, +86-13700890585

Complaints Center
Zhang Yongjun: +86-374-8168261, +86-13937466062
Zhao Dejun: +86-13513743686Dong Shijie: +86-374-8168266, +86-13903998939

Detention Center
Wu Biao: +86-13707603266
Yang Xiaowei: +86-18839905656Zhang Hongwei: +86-18839905560Li Caixia: +86-18839906878Xing Zhengsheng: +86-18839906230