(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 2014, and my husband in 2016. As Dafa practitioners, we both clearly understand our responsibilities in helping to save sentient beings. I would like to share my cultivation experiences.

Delivering Dafa Materials to the Countryside

More than 20 practitioners lived in a remote village, most of them elderly and uneducated. They were not able to get Dafa informational materials, including Master Li's new lectures, so I decided to help them.

I thought of establishing a material production site, but all of the practitioners were on the Chinese Communist Party's blacklist, so it was not safe or feasible to do that.

At the beginning, I had a strong attachment of fear. Through Fa-study, I was able to eliminate my fear and remained committed to delivering the materials to the practitioners in that village.

The first two years, my husband, a non-practitioner at the time, helped me deliver the materials by taking his motorbike or using public transportation.

After some time, the practitioners in the village were concerned that there could be a loophole for the old forces to take advantage of since a non-practitioner was delivering the materials.

I was not affected when I first heard of their concern. But after I found out that they had spoken to my parents-in-law about it several times, I got upset.

I said to one practitioner, “We are all practitioners, and what we say has energy. My husband is not a practitioner, but he is willing to help. If you are worried about him, you should ask Master to reinforce him or send forth righteous thoughts for him. How can you hold negative thoughts about him?”

I later looked within according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and was able to let go of my resentment. I also continued to do what I was supposed to. Afterward, no one complained about my husband helping anymore.

Working as One Body

There once was an issue with the truth-clarification posters that we were using. Practitioners would only pick the smaller ones or those that had content they liked.

The practitioner who made the materials told me that the Minghui website was providing larger, more attractive posters, so we should begin using them going forward. He said we should consider the effect of the posters in saving people.

He understood that the smaller ones were easier to carry and put up, but they were not as effective as the larger ones. He also reminded me that we should do whatever will bring about the best result in saving people rather than what is most convenient.

I agreed and shared our conversation with the practitioners in the village. After they understood the new requirements, they were able to let go of their attachments and work as one body.

Hanging Banners Together

My husband began to practice Dafa in 2016. Since then, we have been going out together to hang banners, put up posters, and distribute Dafa pamphlets.

We have eliminated our attachment of fear in the process of posting them. The first time we went out, we only took 4-5 banners since we were afraid of being recorded on the many surveillance cameras on the streets.

As we let go of fear, improved our xinxing, and made breakthroughs in cultivation, we are able to successfully hang the banners with good results.

My husband now takes more banners with him every time we go out. We also always carry Dafa materials with us whenever we leave home.

We will continue to study the Fa more, fulfill our vows, and help save more sentient beings.