(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) on June 6, 2013. After hearing about Falun Gong's miraculous healing powers, I became a practitioner in the hopes of having my illnesses healed.

On the day I received Zhuan Falun I finished reading it in 24 hours. Through the book, Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) explained the principles of being a good person, where we came from, and where we will go after. After understanding this, I felt as if my burdens had been lifted, and my world was brighter and better than before. I understood why I had come to this world. I had found my life's true purpose. I now had a goal, and I made up my mind to cultivate Falun Dafa.

Before I became a practitioner, my health was very poor: I had heart disease, high blood pressure, bronchitis, emphysema, gallstones, a herniated lumbar disc, vasculitis, and a tumor in the right side of my brain. I suffered and worried a lot. But such problems are what ordinary people have to go through in their lives. I came to understand why people fall sick, suffer, and have to live, grow old, and die. I also understood how to be a good person—and an even better one at that.

Family Relationships Harmonized by Looking Within

Before I became a practitioner I did not know how to handle my relationship with my mother-in-law and would resort to avoidance tactics. After becoming a practitioner I realized that the family is a social unit, and I that must practice compassion to see the good in others. For example, when my daughter-in-law says things to provoke me, I wave it off with a smile and look within. Perhaps I was selfish to her before and have my own shortcomings to overcome.

One day, my daughter-in-law caught hold of me and said she was going to take me to the police station for practicing Falun Dafa. I looked within myself for any shortcomings. I also didn’t want her to become regretful for what she did.I said to her. “If I had not become a Dafa practitioner, I would not have lived until today. Falun Dafa gave me my life, and I will use my personal experience to spread Falun Dafa and awaken others to the facts about it.”

When my daughter-in-law saw how resolute I was, she began to tremble. “Mom, I'm sorry,” she said. “Please forgive me, I was wrong.”

I replied, “Daughter, it is I who have not done well and made you all worried and fearful. Please remember that 'Falun Dafa is Good' and 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good.'”

Master Li taught us that we must put others before ourselves, and ultimately cultivate to complete selflessness. Cultivation has purified my mind and body. Over the past four years, not only has my health recovered, but I have learned to look within for any shortcomings, no matter the situation. I have learned to unreservedly reflect on my flaws. And not only have I benefited from this, but my family and community have benefited as well.

Preventing Persecution with Strong Righteous Thoughts

A month after practicing Dafa, I began accompanying the older practitioners in talking to people about Dafa. I was not afraid. I could feel every Dafa teaching and principle impressed in my mind, and that I was constantly being protected.

I put up posters and distributed truth-clarification materials, DVDs, desk calendars, and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. I would do this at places where there was a lot of human traffic. Whether it was raining or snowing, I would go almost every day. I would talk to anyone I met—relatives, friends, ex-classmates, colleagues, elderly, and the youth. I would talk to road sweepers, beggars, policemen, judges, and members of the 610 Office. In a day I could help about 20 to 40 people quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

I realized that talking to people about Dafa face to face was a great way to get rid of my various attachments. I was able to get rid of my fear and get rid of interference so that I could fulfill my tasks well every day.

My Husband Becomes a Practitioner

In the past my family did not approve of my practicing Falun Dafa. They would prevent me from studying the lectures or doing the exercises, and they would scold, hit, or quarrel with me. I followed Falun Dafa’s teachings and did not retaliate. I tolerated them without getting angry. Within 10 days of practicing, my family saw that all my illnesses had vanished. They saw that I could walk faster than they could and that I could take care of all the chores at home.

Because my husband was ill, he could not do any work. He spent his days drinking, smoking, and venting his temper by hitting or scolding me. One day, he found that he could no longer walk. He became very anxious and developed many health problems including bleeding from the stomach, high blood pressure, bronchitis, and colon cancer.

My husband has since become a Falun Dafa practitioner, and his body is now light and free of illness. Our family and married life is harmonious, and my family supports us practicing Falun Dafa.

Our family's problems were easily solved by following Falun Dafa’s principles. The teachings truly illustrate the saying, “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and harmonizes everything.” (Zhuan Falun)