(Minghui.org) I followed my mother’s footsteps to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. However, I stopped practicing at the beginning of 2000 due to the persecution launched by the Chinese Communist Party.

Fortunately, I picked it up again 10 years later and became a young practitioner.

Doing Graduate Work at a Key University

I resumed my practice of Falun Dafa the year I was preparing to take my first college-entrance exam.

In high school, I had been the class leader for three years, and my test scores met the requirement for a good university. But I failed the college-entrance exam the first time I took it.

I didn’t want to go to a professional school, so I chose to try the college-entrance exam again the following year. The pressure was on, but I still did not get an ideal score. Only a minor college was willing to take me.

By the end of my junior year, I had no confidence that I would ever find a job, so I decided to pursue an advanced degree. I then started to prepare for the entrance exams for graduate studies.

The exams included politics, English, and knowledge of my major. I looked down on the politics test because it was full of Party culture meant to deceive people.

Most of the time I spent studying was on knowledge of my major. Three months later, I took the first round of tests.

Many students who took the test didn’t score well, and some even failed the first part. Surprisingly, I was one of the two in my class who passed the first entrance test.

My knowledge of my major was close to 100%, but I barely passed the politics portion. I was in the top seven of all the students who took the first round of tests.

I spent a month preparing for the second round of testing, which included a written test, an oral test, and a physical exam. It took three days to complete.

I did not worry about my written test score, but I did not speak English well for the oral portion of the test. So I sent righteous thoughts and asked Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong, to strengthen me.

During that time, vitiligo appeared around my eyes; half of my left eyebrow was black, and the other half was white. A doctor touched my forehead and asked me what was wrong.

I said it was because of sunburn.

The doctor asked his colleague to note the issue. I realized that it was interference, because if I was not considered healthy, I would not be allowed to pass the tests.

I denied it in my mind immediately and asked Master to help. The consulting colleague then said that it was not a big deal and that there was no need to write it down. I saw that he checked off “healthy.”

The results came out, and I’d passed! I was ranked in the top three and awarded a graduate scholarship at a key university.

I knew it was due to Mater Li’s blessing.

Completing My 57,000-Word-Thesis in 14 Days

My teacher spoke to me about writing a thesis soon after I started my graduate studies. So I spent the next year trying to come up with a suitable topic.

The first topic I chose was turned down by several teachers. They said the definition was too broad and might lead people to critique it with opposing viewpoints.

I still had not decided on a topic until the second semester of my third year. However, the thesis draft was due in one month.

I thought it would be impossible for me to finish the draft in time, so I was thinking about delaying my graduation date.

My mother encouraged me to treat this as interference and deny it. With my mother’s encouragement, I studied the Fa more and sent more righteous thoughts.

My thesis’s topic was set within a week after I consulted with my teacher.

I then spent four days looking for related materials to construct an outline. After studying the Fa every day, it came to me within a week.

It was strange, because I had spent a year trying to find a topic, with no results. But when I steeled my will and studied the Fa more diligently, I was able to settle on a topic very quickly.

I wrote 10,000 words in four days. But I cried as I sat in front of the computer and thought about the seemingly impossible task of writing another 40,000 words.

My mother told me that my thought was wrong and that I needed to send righteous thoughts to eliminate it.

I did so after I ate and then felt clearheaded as I began to write again. Those negative thoughts were gone.

I studied the Fa every morning and waited until my thoughts were clear. Then I resumed writing my thesis.

I wrote 57,000 words in 14 days!

I truly appreciate Master Li’s protection and help, even when I was neither good nor diligent. I shall cultivate diligently and do better in the future. Thank you, Master!