(Minghui.org) My mother, who also practices Falun Gong, was held in a detention center for about two weeks in 2001. When she began a hunger strike there, she was injected with an unknown drug. She was sent back home shortly afterwards.

After she got home, she always felt scared for no reason. We assumed that her mind was in shock from her past persecution. However, her condition worsened gradually. She was unable to handle her daily routine, and her mind was unstable. She saw many evil beings attacking her in other dimensions.

Despite her poor state, she was almost sent back to the brainwashing center for further persecution. She had no choice but to leave home and almost lost her sanity while she was away.

But she always held on to one thought: following Master all the way. This thought gave her the strength she needed to stay alive.

Three years later, she returned home. We knew she suffered a lot from her recounting of her experience, yet she was only barely coherent at the time. Master opened up my celestial eye shortly after and gave me powers to help her with my righteous thoughts.

I saw that my mother's body was damaged in many dimensions, from macroscopic to microscopic levels, including some dimensions I could not reach. I often sent forth righteous thought for one or two hours every day, with Master and righteous gods giving me power. My mother's condition began to improve. I saw that the evil beings could only touch her bodies from the surface now, and they could no longer penetrate them.

My mother asked me why this had happened to her. I did not have an answer. I had seen many practitioners suffering persecution, but none of their experiences could compare with my mother's situation, which covered almost all dimensions. The complexity of the dimensions and the odiousness of the various kinds of evil were indescribable.

She mentioned that she had suffered terribly during her time away from home. When her mind was severely disoriented, she climbed on the ground and did not know how to eat. She saw many poisonous bugs entering her body through her acupuncture points to bite her, tear her or grind her. Her mind was unclear, and she felt extremely scared. Many demons of lust made her do dirty things and made her expose practitioners and resent Dafa.

The practitioners around her later realized that her condition was due to severe interference from other dimensions. They sent forth righteous thoughts with her every day for two years. Even though she was often in unbearable pain, she always held on to one thought: practicing Dafa and going home with Master. She tried her best not to tarnish Dafa.

The practitioners around her had never seen this kind of situation before. Some asked her to look within for her attachments. After all the attachments were brought up, my mother felt unable to cultivate. Some practitioners suggested sending her to a mental hospital, and some complained about the situation. All this pressure ultimately led her to take a detour in her cultivation.

After I sent forth righteous thoughts for my mother, the evil beings were decimated and lost their momentum. They then changed their strategy and began to create conflicts between her and me. Since she was still mentally unstable at the time, our conflict gave her such a hard time that her life was in danger. Many practitioners came to help by sending forth righteous thoughts, and she was able to overcome it.

I was going through a tribulation at the time and did not spend too much time with my mother. However, once during my sending forth righteous thoughts for her, some evil beings brought up an old time when she was unkind to me during my hard times. I realized that my relationship with my mother was rocky during that time because of interference.

I did not send forth righteous thoughts as diligently after that. Even though some practitioners reminded me, I was unable to do it well.

When I got really busy, my mother had to ask other practitioners for help in sending forth righteous thoughts when she did not feel good. Two young practitioners saw from their celestial eyes that my mother had been injected with poison. We suspected this before but did not have enough proof–we also didn't think they'd stoop so low.

Many practitioners actually had similar experiences as my mother after they were released from the prisons, labor camps, brainwashing centers or detention centers. They all firmly believed in Dafa and were very rational. Their conditions varied: some had problems right after their release, some after 6 months or a year. Some even passed away.

Here are some symptoms after poison injections:

1. Extreme, almost unbearable fear. Anything could frighten them. Two practitioners passed away. Both had been detained.
2. A mind full of lust and other wicked thoughts. The practitioners were often unable to control themselves. One practitioner who used to have a very strong, righteous mind had this problem. Other practitioners thought this happened because of his attachment to lust.
3. An inability to think logically. They spoke nonsense. They could not understand the Fa correctly. Many practitioners were in such a state after they were released.
4. Insanity. Two practitioners suffered from mental disorders about six months after their release. They used to be very diligent. Both of them passed away.
5. Strokes or other fatal conditions. Some passed away.

Most of these practitioners believed in Dafa wholeheartedly. This vicious torture was effective, easy to carry out, and left no trace. If this happened to any practitioners around you, please pay attention to them and treat them with righteous thoughts.

I sent forth righteous thoughts with my mother and other practitioners during the last two days. I saw that we had eliminated many evil beings. Master strengthened our power with many instruments. We also shared some of these persecution cases to get the word out. My mother wrote a sharing article for Minghui as well.

Today, when we sent forth righteous thoughts, we felt more pressure. After cleansing ourselves, I saw that Master had grouped five of us together and strengthened us simultaneously. I saw evil beings torturing detained practitioners–beating, injecting drugs, and harvesting their organs. I became really angry and covered the evil beings with our gong. Some turned to ash immediately.

I thought the evil beings should suffer the same torture as retribution. Some of them shrieked in pain. More evil beings joined, and I felt our power was not enough. Then, I saw Master grabbing black substances from practitioners’ bodies (poison and other substances forced upon them) and splashing them onto the evil beings. They were destroyed immediately.

I realized that practitioners who had suffered this kind of persecution should have a clear mind and not think of their suffering as stemming from their own faults. All practitioners should recognize this and work together to eliminate the evil.

This is based on what I saw at my level. Please point out anything inappropriate.

Update: After I finished this article around 1:00 a.m., I sent forth righteous thoughts and saw many evil beings coming to attack me and my family. I could not fully utilize all of my power to defend against them, and I asked for Master's help again and again. Master took the three of us to a safe place and put me to sleep. Thank you, Master, for your compassionate salvation and protection!