(Minghui.org) Dafa practitioners are doing their best to negate the old forces’ persecution, yet they often fall into their traps unknowingly. Our efforts to negate the old forces’ arrangements are sometimes based on believing that the old forces are here to stay.

Quite a number of practitioners wrote about their experiences of negating the old forces. One in particular talked about how he communicated with the old forces and how he sometimes followed their commands to do things. He later realized that only Master determines the outcome of the Fa-rectification and that he should completely negate the old forces. Nevertheless, it took a long time for him to come to this realization. In my mind, transformation of one’s mind contributed to his inability to see through the old forces’ arrangements.

By Following the Fa’s Standards One Will Do Well

Some practitioners whose celestial eyes were open developed demonic interference from their own mind. Some could not overcome it and thus gave up cultivation, and some were ruined. There are many hard lessons that we can learn from. They were attached to themselves more and more, and they failed to measure themselves with the Fa’s standards.

When one faces tribulations, one will meet with difficulties. However, if one's thoughts are righteous and one follows the Fa’s standards, one will do well.

The author I mentioned above shared how the old forces tried to persuade him to do something for them. He was moved and fell into their trap. Although he later realized the danger of following the old forces’ arrangements, he had problems completely negating them. As the old forces kept interfering with him, he suddenly remembered that only Master can rectify the Fa. He told the old forces that he would only follow Master’s arrangements. Master’s Fashen appeared shortly after he said this, and the old forces retreated.

What do we learn from this? That author had accepted the old forces’ mandate. Fortunately, Master gave him a hint at the critical moment and he remembered that he would only follow Master’s arrangements. It was a close encounter with the old forces.

Other practitioners had more positive experiences. For example, some practitioners saw a looming persecution event while in meditation or in dreams. They became aware of the interference and negated it right away. This eliminated the old forces' interference right then and there.

When the old forces attack, no matter what it is, as long as one can negate it right away, it will be gone. That immediate thought is very important. We learned in Zhuan Falun that one's first thought determines an outcome.

When sickness karma surfaces, if one does not completely negate it, it means one acknowledges it at least partially, which escalates the tribulation.

The article talked about how he and other practitioners treated sickness karma. He mentioned a few practitioners who acknowledged the persecution when they faced sudden sickness karma. For instance, it may be a sprained ankle. If this practitioner tried to figure out whether it was interference from the old forces, he was still not completely negating the old forces. The correct mindset should be to not acknowledge any interference in the first place.

Importance of Having That Righteous First Thought

Many practitioners have proven through their solid cultivation that when one stays calm during times of interference and does not develop any attachment, the interference disappears.

Some practitioners thought that when facing interference, one must address it immediately, send forth strong righteous thoughts, and eliminate it.

Also, some practitioners think interference in the form of “transformationdoes not count as persecution. In actuality, this type of interference is the true persecution, because it is meant to ruin Dafa practitioners through “demonic interference from one's own mind.”

Whenever we come across the old forces’ meddling, we need to negate them immediately.

Demonic Interference from One's Mind

Another article talked about how the old forces persecuted practitioners who ran their own businesses, including himself. He saw that quite a few practitioners deviated from the Fa once they made some money. He also knew people who struggled to keep their businesses afloat. He himself spent 10 years getting his business to take off.

Why did the old forces prevent him from seeing practitioners who'd had success running their businesses? It was to convey a terrible message: "You did the best, because there was no one better than you." The old forces praised him in a roundabout way. Hearing such misleading praise, can one figure out what is real? If one cannot tell, then he/she would be interfered with.

Many people who face demonic interference show little or no respect for Master. When they quote Master’s teachings, they often cite passages out of context or even pick certain sentences in support of their argument, misquoting Master.

Persecution Through Financial Means

Many practitioners know that sickness karma is a misnomer, no matter how serious it might appear. All one needs to do is to completely negate it with righteous thoughts, assimilate to Dafa, and search for loopholes within. One should not endure it for a long time, like those who cultivate on a small worldly path–paying back karma for the sake of paying back the karma.

When one is persecuted financially, one should search within and negate the persecution with righteous thoughts and actions. As soon as one's level elevates, the situation will turn around.

There was one practitioner who everyone thought could not make even a living, let alone a fortune. He wanted to change and worked hard, but he slacked off in doing the three things. He experienced a major loss and went into serious debt. Once he realized that his cultivation came first and that he should validate Dafa, his fortunes changed within two years. He paid off his debt and made a huge profit.

As long as one assimilates to Dafa, what Master arranges is always the best. When one is able to rectify oneself and believes in Master and Fa, any problem can be solved. One faces persecution if one deviates from the Fa.

Master said,

“Deal with everything you are faced with as a cultivator, and you will be able to overcome anything. (Applause) You should ask yourself: if a divine being were faced with this problem, how would he handle it? When you can't make it through, that's what you should be thinking.” (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)

Any kind of persecution is a false impression arising from human notions. When one can negate that, one will be alright. But if one holds any doubt, the power of Dafa will not be able to manifest.

Learning from Experience Sharing Articles Instead of the Fa

Some practitioners evaluate experience sharing articles and even organize practitioners to study them together, and they measure their actions against the practitioner author.

This turns into a strong attachment and calls for interference. It is a desire one has to remove through cultivation.

Master said:

“In other dimensions, everything is dazzling to the eye, very beautiful and nice, all of which may lure your heart. Once you are moved by it, you might be interfered with and your gong will be messed up—it is usually this way.” (Zhuan Falun)

Practitioners recite the Fa teachings often, but at critical times, they are prevented from learning the deeper meanings of the Fa. They do not measure themselves against the Fa but only go through the formality.

Learning from Interference

Master said,

“I often say: once you take up Dafa, whatever it is you encounter--good or bad--it is a good thing (applause), for it came about only because you cultivate in Dafa.” (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)

Wouldn't it be a good thing if a practitioner did not pass a test as smoothly as he had hoped but learned from it and elevated in his cultivation? When we can understand a Fa teaching, get rid of human notions, and assimilate to Dafa, it is not hard to pass a test. As long as one can rectify oneself, prior lessons can turn into virtue.

Master said,

“This is how we’ve established our own mighty virtue through trials and hardships, and only in this way can we leave something for later generations to talk about. We can also leave for later generations the experiences and lessons accumulated through undergoing and overcoming various tribulations. Only this way can the Fa possess mighty virtue, right?” (Lecture at the First Conference in North America)

Others’ mistakes serve as a warning not to repeat the same mistakes. Precisely because of others’ experience, the latecomers can be more cautious. I believe we can all learn from the hard lessons experienced by others.