(Minghui.org) The local police and community staff have recently been making what they called “friendly visits” to Falun Dafa practitioners throughout China.

Many practitioners in my village, including myself, have also been visited.

I did not regard their visit as persecution, but rather, as an opportunity to tell them the facts about Falun Dafa. We did not have many opportunities to go to the police station to clarify the truth, but now they were coming to us.

Is this not an opportunity arranged by Teacher for us to save sentient beings? Should we not tell them the facts in a dignified manner?

Three Officials Learn the Truth

Two young officers and a community staff member came to my home, so I invited them in. After introductions, I said, “You came here because of Falun Dafa, right?”

One of the officers replied and asked if I still practiced. I told them that the Chinese constitution protects people's freedom of belief, and that I had not needed to take any medication for the past 14 years of my practicing Dafa, which saved my family a lot of money.

I also said that I knew they were only following orders, but it does not mean they should commit crimes against Falun Dafa. I advised them to instead take the opportunity to learn about Dafa since it is practiced worldwide.

He then asked if I went out to distribute informational fliers, and wanted to look inside the bedrooms. I politely refused.

He asked my daughter if she practiced Falun Dafa. She said she did not, but she said she supported my practice. She also said our entire family witnessed the positive changes I went through after practicing Dafa, most importantly that I regained my health.

The officer then asked my husband if he felt the same way as my daughter. After he told them that he did, the police ended the visit and left.

From this experience, I enlightened that Teacher has cleared up all the evil that is interfering with practitioners in saving sentient beings. Everything was well-prepared, and the outcome just depended on whether we took action or not.

Waiting to Learn the Facts

One practitioner said she did not let the police into her home, while another said we should not cooperate with the police. Actually, the police visits are likely due to a predestined relationship we have with them.

In the final stage of the Fa-rectification, the evil is no longer able to instigate any large-scale persecution. The knowing side of the police officers and community staff are waiting to learn the facts and be saved.

I truly hope practitioners who still have the attachments of fear, or have difficulties stepping out, can step up their efforts and save sentient beings.