(Minghui.org) Since August, Falun Gong practitioners in the Cangzhou City area of Hubei Province have been harassed by local police and government authorities. However, practitioners have treated them and others who came to their door with kindness and clarified the truth with their personal experience openly and sincerely. Many people learned about the persecution against Falun Gong through these practitioners.

Grandma Li: ‘I'll continue to practice until the end’

Ms. Li Shuqin and her daughter were at home at the Cangzhou City Railroad Apartments. Some people knocked on their door and claimed that they were from local residence committee and local police precinct. Through the closed door, they asked if “Grandma Li Shuqin” still practiced Falun Gong. Ms. Li didn't open the door but told them clearly, “Yes, I'm still practicing and I will continue to practice until the end.”

Sounding surprised, one replied, “OK. You can practice at home. We are leaving.”

Chief of National Security Team: ‘They are all good people’

Tang Yu'e lives at Wangzhai Village, Mengcun County. She has been harassed several times. One day when her 89-year-old mother-in-law was the only one at home, someone came and asked the mother-in-law, “Where is your daughter-in-law?” She had bad experiences before and this frightened the mother-in-law.

A staff person from the government called the village secretary. “My superiors want to see Falun Gong practitioner Tang. Just tell them what you know.”

The village secretary said, “The whole family is nice. They get along with their neighbors very well and they are always willing to help others.”

The chief of national security team also said, “In the recent years I have been in touch with many Falun Gong practitioners and they are all good people.”

‘We know Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good’

A name list was kept at the Baoguantun Town, Nanpi County offices. The list contained everyone who practiced Falun Gong before the persecution started. People found out that many on the list gave up practicing Falun Gong because of the persecution and soon contracted serious diseases or even died.

Ms. Ding Huiping from Niguantun Village told the town officials who came to check on her, “For your own sake, please don’t report me. According to the law, we have freedom of belief. Falun Gong teaches us how to be good people. You asked me if I am still practicing Falun Gong. My answer won't do you any good. You should know that the communist party is evil. Even someone as high as Zhou Yongkong has been locked up, let alone you guys.”

Before the officials left, they looked at the words “Falun Dafa is Good” on the wall. Ms. Ding Huiping said to them, “Please do remember these words.”

They all said, “Sure.”

On August 15 someone came to the home of Mr. Chang Shouxuan. Mr. Chang asked them to sit down, but they refused. “We just came to ask if you are still practicing Falun Gong.”

Mr. Chang replied, “I have never quit and won’t stop now.”

Then they left.

On August 20, policemen came to Ms. Liu Lianxia's home and asked her if she was still practicing Falun Gong. “Before I practiced Falun Gong, I suffered from hyperthyroidism. I saw many doctors but was never cured. After I practiced Falun Gong, I fully recovered. I ask you: Do you think I should continue practicing Falun Gong or not?”

Someone who claimed to be from the local police precinct came to another practitioner's home. The practitioner asked the person their phone number and tried to obtain their police ID number. That person stopped the practitioner. “Don't record my police number,” he said. “It’s fake.”

People Quit the Communist Party

Policemen came to Mr. Liu's home at Yanshan County. Mr. Liu told them, “Because you came to my home in uniform, I do not welcome you. Please leave your phone number and address. Asking for my personal information is illegal and taking my photo without my permission is also illegal.” They had to call their superior for further instruction.

The superior then called Mr. Liu, who took the opportunity to clarify the truth to him and the policemen present, including the truth of the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax. They all understood. One even quit the communist party on the spot.

Ms. Li Yuxiao was asked if she was still practiced Falun Gong. She said that there is nothing wrong with practicing Falun Gong. She asked them in turn, “Who sent you here?”

They replied, “Our superior.”

“Who is your superior?” Ms. Li asked. “I'll go talk to him. You have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners for so many years. I could not live a normal life. I almost died.” she continued as they started to walk away. “Tell you superior to please return the money they took from my home and don't come back again!”

Officers happy to know the truth

Two policemen from Qingzhou Town Police Precinct in Qing County came to Mr. Zhao Huanyun and Mr. Dai Runzheng's store on September 1. One in plain clothes watched the videos. The other, in uniform, asked them, “Will you be transformed? [Note: Another way of saying to stop practicing Falun Gong]”

Mr. Zhao and Mr. Dai proceeded to clarify the truth to the policemen, who agreed with their points.

One month ago, a practitioner was arrested by police from Xingxing Town Police Precinct as he was clarifying the truth. The practitioner was sent to the Qing County National Security Team. They said to the police, “Why did you send him here? Solve the problem yourselves!” With no other options, the precinct returned with the practitioner and released him.