(Minghui.org) It has been 21 years since I began to practice Falun Dafa. Whenever I have felt lost, Master Li, the founder of Dafa, has given me hints, helping me to stay on my cultivation path.

My mother was in poor health when I was little. After she started to practice Dafa, she became healthy and pleasant. She turned into a different person. At the age of seven, I understood that when I felt “sick,” my body was being cleansed. To date, I have not taken any medication.

We were poor since my mother did not have a stable job, and sometimes we did not have any money to buy meat or vegetables. Yet, I grew up taller than most girls my age.

Escaping Danger

Every New Year's Eve, Mother and I put up Dafa truth-clarification banners and self-adhesive posters. We placed them in the most noticeable places while sending forth righteous thoughts.

We went out on our bicycles to hang banners one day. Just as we finished hanging a banner, a van approached us and began to chase my mother. I was worried, and I turned around to chase the van, but the van then began to chase me instead of my mother. I rode as fast as I could, and after riding downhill around a bend, I pulled into the shadow of a house and hid. The van driver could not find me and eventually gave up. I returned home safely.

My mother had been in an alley with a dead end, and the van's headlight almost shone on her before it turned around to chase me. I realized that Master had wanted me to help my mother.

I have many experiences like this, and each time I returned home safely. Life was tough, but I experienced the joy of being a practitioner.

Dafa Gave Me Wisdom

I had to take an exam for which I had no time to prepare. My mother said, “Everything will turn out fine if you have studied the Fa well.” Therefore, I studied the Fa with full focus.

During the exam, I found that the test covered a part of the textbook that I had looked at, and the essay was one that I had done before.

The qualification certificate examination that followed was even harder, and it normally takes several months to prepare for it. But I prepared only for one week and passed.

At work, I have received the Employee Recognition Award a number of times. The management once decided to give people incentives to work harder by awarding the first-ranked employee the bonus for the last-ranked employee in addition to his or her own, and I was ranked first.

I felt that the new policy was hurtful to the last-ranked employee, so I told the management that I did my job well because I practice Falun Dafa and would not accept my colleague's bonus.

Newborn Is a Dafa Practitioner

I have been listening to Master's lectures and Dafa practitioners' music all day long since the beginning of my pregnancy. My baby likes to listen to the lectures and music. I read the poems in Hong Yin every night to her, and she always quiets down, with her eyes wide open, and listens.

She rarely cries and smiles a lot. She especially likes the image of the blessing babies on the Minghui calendar and touches them with a smile on her face. She also smiles as soon as she sees the words “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” on the disc cover. She looks at all of these items several times a day.

One day I had a strange dream. I dreamed of a group of actors putting together a play in a palace, and the play was about rashes on their faces. When the play was over, the head monk walked over to me and said he had a package for my baby.

Holding my baby, I asked my own mother to open the package and inside was a girl’s garment embroidered with “Falun Dafa is good” on the back. Also embroidered were clouds and divine pavilions with three Chinese characters of “high, medium, low” next to the picture. As I was wondering if the garment was too big, a thought was imprinted into my mind, “The garment will grow as the child grows.”

Also in the package was a lock. There were supposed to be three keys to it. One key was inserted in the lock, another one was in my mom's hand, and the last one was with the person who prepared the gift. The last item in the package was a letter for the baby. When I was about to read it, I woke up.

I told my family about the dream, and we all had the thought that Master is watching over the baby, so we should not treat her like an ordinary child, and that we must study the Fa with her and advance diligently together.

Remaining Unmoved

My baby came down with a fever for the first time in her life. Some people suggested that she was going to get a rash. Knowing she is a young Dafa disciple, my family constantly sent forth righteous thoughts for her and bathed her in lukewarm water.

A day and a night passed, and the fever lingered. Even though the baby never cried or fussed, my heart started to ache. I suddenly remembered my dream and realized Master had hinted that this would happen. Be it fever or rash, I realized this is a test to see if my heart would be moved.

Thus, I said to the baby, “You are a young Dafa disciple. Your symptoms may be the result of Master cleansing your body or the result of evil interference. I hope you can overcome it. If you decide not to take medicine, will you have the fever break by the time Dad comes home?” I believed she understood me.

When my husband came home an hour later, her fever broke! She was her normal self again. I knew that the baby had passed a test. It was also a test for the grownups as to whether they could remain unmoved and believe in Master and the Fa.