(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner in China. I began practicing in 2008. After my family saw the beauty and benefits of Dafa, their misunderstandings gradually cleared up. My father, husband, and daughter began practicing, and my mother-in-law also returned to Falun Dafa cultivation. She had quit the practice when the persecution started in 1999.

I used to only communicate with other practitioners through the Minghui website. I do the three things and participate in a number of truth-clarification projects, including printing messages on paper money, making amulets, printing calendars, and making DVDs.

Even though many members of my family practice, because of sentimentality and being lax we didn't have a regular group Fa study at home. Often one of us would have some task we had to attend to. Even when we sat together to study, it usually lasted only a short time before it was interrupted.

The result was that our family improved very slowly as a whole.

While reading sharing articles on the Minghui website, I noticed that group Fa study had enabled many practitioners to effectively validate the Fa. I had the thought that I ought to join a regular Fa study group.

Shortly after I had that thought, I ran into a practitioner on the street while clarifying the truth to people. He heard my thoughts about joining a group Fa study and connected me with some practitioners in my area.

My family began attending the weekly Fa study. The sharing after the study allowed us to gain better understandings, and we each noticed more of our own attachments that we were then able to let go.

Our state of being lax gradually diminished. My family began to improve quickly on our paths of cultivation.

Practitioners also provided me with Dafa books, which I gave to predestined people who had wanted to read the books for a long time.

Realizing the benefits of group study, I invited another practitioner who used to cultivate alone to join our family Fa study. Group Fa study was very beneficial for this practitioner too.

I hope this sharing will encourage follow practitioners who have been cultivating alone to join a group and advance diligently together.