(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Liang Jianjun, a teacher at Lechang City Vocational School, has been held in a detention center for more than 100 days. His wife Ms. Cao has visited several government agencies with their 10-year-old daughter to request his release, but officials have refused to cooperate. She has been subjected to numerous forms of intimidation.

Ms. Cao hired an attorney to defend her husband. An official from the Lechang Education Bureau later asked her to dismiss the attorney and said that if she complied Ms. Cao would receive financial assistance from the government. 

Police officers threatened to ransack her home and arrest her if she refused to “cooperate” with them.

Her home was monitored by the local neighborhood committee. Anyone who visited her was investigated by the police.

Just after Mr. Liang was arrested, two men, assigned by the Domestic Security Division, climbed over the wall of the family home at 1:00 a.m. and illegally entered the yard. They used their flashlights to sweep the yard and also directed the flashlights toward Ms. Cao's bedroom windows.

Ms. Cao hired an attorney from Guangzhou City and had a meeting with him at his hotel. After the meeting Ms. Cao took the elevator to the ground floor. As the elevator reached the 18th floor, it suddenly lost power and stalled. Then it moved down several floors and stalled again. When it finally reached the first floor, Ms. Cao noted a security guard controlling the elevator. When he saw Ms. Cao staring at him, the guard left quickly.

Ms. Cao's 10-year-old daughter was at home alone when a group of people from the neighborhood committee came to harass the family. They banged on the door and shouted loudly. Ms. Cao's daughter was very frightened.

Ms. Cao often noticed strangers' cars parked near her home after her husband's arrest. People were often seen sleeping inside the cars.

She tried to mail official letters of complaint to the Guangdong Provincial Letters and Complaints Bureau on August 15, 2017, to report Domestic Security Division policeman Li Weizhong for abusing her. The manager of the post office opened the letter and refused to send it.

Ms. Cao handed the complaint letter to the Appeals Office of the Procuratorate on August 16, 2017. A female clerk surnamed Liu called her superior. After the phone call, the clerk claimed that no complaint related to Falun Gong would be accepted.

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