(Minghui.org) There was an elderly practitioner G in my mother's Fa study group. G often read the Fa wrong or missed words here and there during Fa study sessions. Other practitioners frequently corrected her, and this was irritating for her.

When practitioner Z corrected G once too many times, the two of them began to argue. Afterwards, they stopped talking to each other. Z wanted to leave the group and join a different one, but my mother talked her out of it.

One of the cultivation forms that Master gave us is for us to study the Fa together. If Z left the study group, she would be walking the path arranged by the old forces.

Eventually Z understood that this was the old forces dividing practitioners in order to sabotage the cultivation environment, so she took the initiative to talk to G. Eventually, the two mended their friendship.

Most of the time it is older practitioners with little education who make mistakes reading the Fa. These practitioners, hindered by their human notions, think that this is normal.

The Fa is all-powerful. As long as we pay attention when we study the Fa, everything can change. We shouldn't look at problems like an ordinary person. Reading the Fa wrong means not having a strong-willed Main Consciousness and not focusing on the Fa.

After a while, one stops understanding the Fa principles when studying and his or her xinxing does not improve. This often results in health issues, especially for elderly practitioners. G still takes medication, and her understanding of the Fa remains at the level of gaining health benefits.

There are numerous Buddhas, Daos, and Gods behind each word in the Fa. If we constantly read the words wrong, it is not just disrespectful to Master and the Fa, it is changing the Fa. We cannot properly study the Fa if we constantly read it wrong.

At the time there wasn't a Korean version of Zhuan Falun available and one elderly Korean practitioner couldn't speak or read any Chinese when she began the practice. She tried to learn Chinese from her granddaughter. Later she had her granddaughter teach her pinyin. She used a Chinese dictionary and wrote down the characters. In six months she was able to read Zhuan Falun on her own.

When we were both locked up in a detention center, I taught her to memorize poems from Hong Yin. She could not understand the meaning of the words, let alone the subtle connotations behind a phrase, but it did not seem to put her off.

She told me that she would try a hundred times, or even two hundred, if that was what it took to memorize it. She finally memorized all the poems in Hong Yin.

When I and others left, she was the only practitioner in her cell. With only handwritten copies of the Fa teachings left for her from other practitioners, she studied them every day. When there were words that she didn't know, she'd ask her cell mates. She did that every day, even when her non-practitioner cell mates scolded her.

We met a few years later, and she gave me a draft of a letter to look over, which she planned to send to a police officer. After I edited it, she began to write the letter on another piece of paper. She copied each stroke of each character carefully, and the characters looked like they were printed from a template. I complimented her handwriting, and she told me that it was more like that she was drawing.

She never gave up on improving her Chinese. This is a practitioner who had been in and out of detention nine times. Knowing that she would never give up her faith, the detention center refused to take her in eventually.

I sincerely admire this practitioner. Her will to conquer all problems in her Fa study, as well as her faith in the Fa and Master, are not seen in many practitioners who are highly educated and think that they know the Fa well.

I hope that the practitioners who often read the Fa wrong can pay attention to this issue. Try not to make this mistake or get upset when being corrected. Those who are older and not well educated should not believe that this is a normal state. Miracles will happen if you eliminate this human notion. Master asks us to

“Study the Fa and gain the Fa,Focus on how you study and cultivate,” (from “Solid Cultivation” in Hong Yin)