(Minghui.org) The palaces and temples in the Wudang Mountains are famous tourist sites in the northwestern part of Hebei Province. According to a stone block dating back to the Tang dynasty in the Wudang Mountains, Emperor Zhenwu (also called Xuanwu or Dark Warrior) cultivated the Tao in the mountains and reached consummation.

Tourists visit the Wudang Mountains all year long. However, the road leading to the sites is a narrow county-level road. It has many high inclines and sharp turns. In winter, many parts of the road accumulates snow and this often causes accidents.

A curved mountain road in the Wudang Mountains of Hebei Province. (Internet picture)

The most dangerous part is a place called Green Stone Circle. It is a sharp turn in the shadow of a hillside that has no direct sunlight throughout the seasons. Tour bus drivers fear this place most of all.

Several Falun Dafa practitioners living in nearby villages heard about the dangerous road conditions at Green Stone Circle and decided to help the drivers and tourists.

Since the winter of 2011, these practitioners have called each other early in the morning after a snowfall and driven their agricultural trucks to clean the road with shovels.

Sometimes when they couldn't drive their trucks into Green Stone Circle, a few practitioners would walk more than two miles to clear the snow.

Taxi drivers and bus drivers were very moved by their actions. On many occasions, as practitioners were walking back to their villages, a passing bus or taxi would stop and offer them a ride.

Some drivers asked them why they took it upon themselves to clear the snow. The practitioners always replied that they were Falun Dafa practitioners and they wanted to see the tourists and drivers come and go safely.

There is an iron ore mine to the north of the villages and several ore processing plants near one of the villages. Many heavy trucks drive through this village. Sometimes, when the main road has a lot of traffic, trucks take a detour to the south of the village on a narrow county-level road.

This caused the road to develop many pot holes. On rainy days, some of the pot holes could hold a foot of water. The condition of the road made it very difficult for the villagers to use.

Two practitioners living in the village decided to repair the road for the convenience of the public. They used their lunch time to haul waste ore from a nearby processing plant with their tractor to fill the pot holes. They paved a layer of gangue on top.

They spent more than 20 days repaving the 16-foot-wide, 1640-meter-long road. After that the majority of villagers started using this road to drive to the city.

A village leader later talked to the two practitioners. He said that the village is responsible for the road and the village committee would like to pay for their work. The practitioners responded that they volunteered to do the work because they practice Falun Dafa and wished that the people have a good and safe road to drive on.