(Minghui.org) Back in 2010, I was chatting with three colleagues about the Mayan prophecy regarding the end of the world in 2012. One of them asked if I thought that the world would end during the time the Mayan calendar designated. I thought about it and remembered that the founder of Falun Gong, Master Li Hongzhi, had expounded on this topic:

“Master has spread Dafa for ten years. Even in the human world, predestinations have been greatly changed. The comet catastrophe predestined in history is no more, the third world war has been averted, and the peril in 1999 from the cycle of formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction of Heaven and Earth will never recur. The Fa-rectification of the human world is on the verge of arriving. The world's sentient beings will [strive to] repay the saving grace of Dafa and Dafa disciples. How wonderful. Wonderful. Truly wonderful!” (“The Blessings From Dafa” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

Master's teaching opened my wisdom, and I said to them, “According to Buddhist scriptures, there is a flower known as the Udumbara. It is said to bloom only every three thousand years, and when it does, it’s a sign that the Holy King Who Turns the Wheel will descend to the human world and save people.” I told them that there were Udumbara flowers blooming in my friend’s home who practiced Falun Gong.

I then told them about Master's teaching in “The Blessings From Dafa,” and concluded, “Heaven will eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) because it persecutes Falun Gong. Many Chinese people have now taken a stance and severed ties with the CCP by quitting it and its affiliated organizations.”

One of my colleagues suddenly said, “I want to quit!” Another colleague who was listening was not ready to quit the CCP at the time, but she did quit later.

The other colleague who was present asked me to tell her about Falun Gong again when there was no one else in the office. She eventually quit the CCP's two youth organizations and asked me for some truth clarification materials so she could pass them on to her family. I also gave her some pamphlets as well as a Shen Yun DVD.

I realized that my positive, upright conduct eliminated the bad elements behind these people so that they could quit the CCP and have a good future.

In the following years, I helped more than a dozen colleagues to quit the CCP and its youth organizations in a variety of situations. Several of my colleagues have still not quit yet. I hope that they can learn the truth and separate themselves from the Party before its inevitable demise.

Udumbara Flowers Appear

One day in 2015, a colleague pointed to the wall of our office and said, “Are these the flowers that were described on the website?” I went closer and found that they really were Udumbara flowers. I reminded him, “These flowers only bloom every three thousand years when The Holy King Who Turns the Wheel comes to save people.”

I found four more places where Udumbara flowers were blooming in my office. I think they were growing there because I told people about the Udumbara flowers and the truth about Falun Gong several years ago.

Master consistently encourages us and gives us opportunities to save more people. Sometimes, when I was not sure how to broach the topic of Falun Gong, my colleagues would bring it up or discuss related topics so that I could easily tell them the facts.

Thank you Master!