(Minghui.org) I would like share a story about how my niece, a non-practitioner, encouraged her colleagues to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

I went back to where I grew up in Zaoyang City for a visit last April. While there, I went to see my niece, who is now 45 years old. I had previously told her about Falun Dafa, so she now stands up for Dafa, telling others: “Do not believe the slander: it is nonsense. My aunt practices, and she is healthy and kind. What you see on TV are lies.” She usually convinces whomever she speaks to.

My niece and I met up with her colleagues one day. When I stepped away for a minute, one of them asked her, “How old is your aunt? She looks fantastic!”

My niece answered, “She is over fifty, ten years older than I am.”

“You two look like sisters. How does she do it?” her colleague asked.

My niece said, “She practices Falun Dafa. It keeps her fit and youthful. You are not the only one who has noticed.”

When I returned to the group and heard Falun Dafa mentioned, I wanted to speak up and tell them how good the practice is. Anticipating my next move, my niece whispered in my ear, “I got this.” I trusted her and let her proceed.

A couple of days later, my niece handed me a paper with all of her colleagues’ names listed. She said they had all agreed to withdraw from the CCP. I was happy and a little surprised. She told me how it happened.

It was one of her colleague's birthday. They bought a cake for her and celebrated together. The topic of Falun Dafa came up, and many of her colleagues had questions. She explained to them about the practice, the lies in the media, and how her aunt had been practicing for over twenty years.

My niece said to me, “Falun Dafa was almost the only topic we talked about during the entire birthday party. If you were there, they might have been too shy to ask so many questions.”

She told her colleagues at the birthday party: “Everyone in our family notices that my aunt looks young. She is warmhearted and kind to everyone. She has changed inside and out. Falun Dafa is true cultivation and it improves both body and mind. I admire her for being so steadfast despite the persecution.”

Then she said, “My aunt would like all of us to withdraw from the CCP to take a stance against its brutality toward innocent citizens.” She handed them the materials I had prepared for her to distribute. All of her colleagues agreed to withdraw. My niece added, “Please remember that 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness- Compassion-Forbearance is good.' Repeat these words often, and you will be blessed.”