(Minghui.org) A colleague at the school where I teach recently said, “Why spend so much time creating such a realistic work of art?” referring to an oil painting by a top Chinese artist. “If he's going to create something that detailed, why not just take a photograph?”

Her lack of insight into the arts perturbed me, and I retorted, “That's because you don't know anything about painting.”

“To create a work of art, one needs to have a calm mind and a peaceful heart. For example, since your child is hyperactive and unable to calm down at school, how could she possibly create an oil painting?”

When I saw her at work the next day, she appeared unhappy and greeted me with a forced smile.

I thought, “What's going on? Yesterday I helped her with a teaching assignment, and instead of being thankful, she's angry at me!” I calmed down and looked within, but I couldn't determine what I did wrong.

A few minutes later, her daughter walked in the office, looking very disheartened. I suddenly realized what had happened. I told the mother that her daughter was unable to create oil paintings because she was too hyperactive. Basically, I insulted her and her daughter, due to my competitive mentality.

I then enlightened to the fact that Master had arranged for them to meet me so that I could help save them.

Thus, it's possible that their knowing sides in another dimension were disappointed at how I was handling this predestined relationship. No wonder they looked so dispirited! Instead of using the wisdom that Master gave me to save them, I used it to insult them.

If my human notions cause even one sentient being to lose the chance of being saved, that's no trivial thing!

I also noticed that I had looked down on them and competed with them out of self interest and a desire for fame. I was even jealous at the attention they received from the people around them.

Sometimes I tried to avoid them, because I didn't think that Master had arranged for me to save them. But my mentality of disliking, being jealous, and competing against them quickly disappeared after looking within.

My heart is now filled with compassion whenever I see or talk to them!