(Minghui.org) I noticed a major improvement in my character when I returned home from attending the 2017 Fa conference in New York.

I used to resent practitioners who I thought treated me unfairly, and I would complain to other practitioners about them. However, I now have a positive attitude when dealing with conflicts, and sincerely looking within to solve my problems.

Master's teachings have changed my view of life, and I find that cultivation is no longer difficult to do.

My Mind Becomes Cleaner

Before attending the Fa conference, I used to like watching programs on New Tang Dynasty TV and reading news on the Epoch Times website. I also played computer games on my iPad.

Master said:

“Yes, electronic games nowadays have all been made by people who are controlled by extraterrestrial beings. Human beings think they made them. I have just said, you do not really know where human thoughts come from, or the origin of your thoughts when you want to make that stuff. How your layers upon layers of thoughts develop, how you have been indoctrinated with external ideas—you do not know this process at all. You only know the things that have manifested on the surface. So for humankind, these things are all harmful, and they are leading human beings to a state that is no longer human.” (“Fa Teaching at the New York Fa Conference on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Dafa’s Introduction to the Public”)

After the Fa-conference, I decided to stop doing all these things. I then found that I had more time for Fa study and cultivation.

I also found that I no longer had the desire to indulge myself or act impulsively. I am now able to remain calm, and I feel my heart and mind is cleaner. I have more time to study the Fa with other practitioners, instead of claiming that I am busy.

Having been brought up in China, under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) education system, I realized that my thinking and behavior was still that shaped by the Party, even though I now live in the United States.

This was an obstacle in my cultivation, and the reason for my resentment towards others.

Remaining Calm and Taking Things Lightly

Master said,

“I often say that the thoughts of everyday people cannot affect me. I won’t become happy when someone praises me, nor will I get upset when someone insults me. I remain unfazed no matter how serious the challenges for my character among everyday people may be.” (Falun Gong)

With these words of Master's in mind, I remain calm if I'm criticized and do not get affected by other people's anger. At the same time, I look within to see where I need to improve.

I realized that I should not react to whatever I encounter, but instead take everything lightly, so nothing bothers me. I no longer jump to conclusions during disagreements, especially when working on Dafa projects.

The old forces will try to interfere and create gaps between practitioners. When my heart is not moved, the old forces cannot interfere. When problems arise, there must be attachments that I need to remove.

When I encounter a problem, I ask myself why I did not do well, and what did I do wrong to cause other people to treat me like this. I look within to find my shortcomings.

Being Broadminded and Understanding

Practitioners need to be broadminded and not focus on others' shortcomings, since it does not reflect the other person's true self. When we are able to do that, we will have a better understanding of the difficulties that people go through and the attachments they display.

Master said:

“Gods see issues multi-dimensionally and the overall situation, while human beings only see things on the surface. Sometimes, Dafa disciples are by my side; with your every thought and every idea, and your conduct, I do not look at your surface or your behavior at all. Instead I look at your true motives. I look at what your true thought is thinking and doing at its foundation.” (“Fa Teaching at the New York Fa Conference on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Dafa’s Introduction to the Public”)

I never used to like taking the subway or using the bus, and was uncomfortable being around people who had tattoos or were homeless. Now, I don't have these notions.

After I gave a homeless person a Dafa flier, he gave me a green flower that he had just made. I gave this flower to a Chinese tourist after I had talked to her and she agreed to quit the CCP.