(Minghui.org) My health was terrible in the past. I suffered from a number of chronic illnesses such as gastritis, inflammation of the intestines, and arthritis in my neck. I was always tired and did not feel like doing anything. Although I was still in my 30s, my husband had to take me to the hospital frequently.

In 1997, my neighbor told me about the health benefits of practicing Falun Gong. I decided to give it a try, hoping that it would cure my illnesses. I got hold of the book Zhuan Falun and finished reading it in one day.

Except for school textbooks, I had never read a book twice in my life. But somehow, I never got tired of reading Zhuan Falun over and over again. Through this book, I found the answers to many questions I had about life.

Soon after I took up the practice, all my illnesses disappeared, and my outlook on life changed completely. I also learned to look inward when I had conflicts with others. Master Li Hongzhi said,

“I often tell you about situations like this: When two people have a conflict both should look for the causes within themselves, asking, “What problem do I have here?” Each should search for his own problem. If a third person witnesses the conflict between the two, I would say that it’s not accidental for that third person to see it, and he too should think it over: “Why did I see their conflict? Is it because I still have some shortcomings?” Only in this way can it be good.” (Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S Fa Conference)

Below I will share a couple of incidents where I put Master's teachings into practice.

Improving Family Relationships

Since I started practicing Falun Gong, I became kind and considerate towards my mother-in-law. I always tried my best to help with housework.

One Saturday, I agreed to accompany a fellow practitioner to buy a car in the afternoon. All of sudden, my mother-in-law told me she had invited friends over and asked me to help make lunch. Initially, I did not know what to do. It was too late to cancel my appointment with the practitioner. But my mother-in-law also needed my help.

I decided to assist her with the lunch preparation. I worked quickly and filled the table with food for the guests. I then explained to my mother-in-law that I had to leave for a meeting with a friend that had been arranged earlier and could not stay for lunch. She was surprised and felt badly for having asked me for help.

Looking Inward after a Conflict with Another Practitioner

A fellow practitioner told me that someone reported her when she was clarifying the facts about Falun Gong at a resident committee event. An officer threatened to report her to the police and throw her into prison.

I told her she should not have attended the event and spoke frankly about my views on the matter. The following week, she told me angrily that she was hurt by my words. I looked within and realized I had been unkind to her.

I apologized for not being thoughtful. I was also able to look within to find other attachments. She listened to me attentively and admitted that she, too, had shortcomings. Our conflict was thus resolved.

I've been practicing for 20 years now. My health significantly improved, and I also learned to look within during conflicts and become a better person.

My family has also benefited from my cultivation. My husband shared about the changes I went through since practicing Falun Gong. He remembered how I used to be very sick and could barely do housework. Becoming a practitioner gave me a new life and made me a better person. Everyone agreed that Falun Gong was good!

I am truly grateful for everything Master has done for me!