(Minghui.org) One time a lawyer told me that about 80 Falun Gong practitioners were detained in a local detention center. Among them, about 50 were women practitioners. The lawyer commented, “I did not know that so many innocent people were held for their belief.”

I had talked with this lawyer previously about Falun Gong. I think he now knows how vicious the Chinese communist regime is. If an everyday person thinks that it is unacceptable that practitioners are detained, how should Falun Gong practitioners understand this?

When we sent forth righteous thoughts as a group, a local brainwashing center stopped functioning. I remember back then, almost all practitioners took it very seriously. Compared to that time, at least I have slacked off.

Recently when browsing articles on the Minghui website, I unwittingly clicked an article in 2016 from the Falun Dafa Association that reminded us to pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. I thought about it and realized it could be a hint for me to pay attention to this particular issue.

Helping Practitioners

We know that Master does not acknowledge the persecution. But when discussing the issue with other practitioners, I found that many of them believed that the arrest and detention was caused by practitioners' loopholes. To some degree, this makes sense. Meanwhile, I think that, by doing so, we are subconsciously blaming practitioners that were arrested or detained. After all, Master is taking care of our cultivation practice, why should we let the old forces interfere?

Master said,

“One should return to one’s original, true self; this is the real purpose of being human. Therefore, once a person wants to practice cultivation, his or her Buddha-nature is considered to have come forth. Such a thought is most precious, for this person wants to return to his or her original, true self and transcend the ordinary human level.” (Zhuan Falun) .

Since these practitioners have chosen to cultivate and Master helps them unconditionally, should we hold negative thoughts towards them?

Looking Within

My understanding is that, when we encounter issues or tribulations, we should always look inward to identify attachments and improve. When other practitioners experience problems, we should help them instead of criticizing them. This is especially the case if they had already been detained since they cannot hear about it.

In fact, whatever we see or hear, even including other practitioners' arrest or detention, could be opportunities for us to look within.

We could consider our own role in the tribulation. Did they have less time to study the Fa because of helping me? Did I help them or remind them to maintain righteous thoughts on a daily basis? Did I always support them with righteous thoughts?

Furthermore, after practitioners are arrested and detained, did I consider it as if my family members were arrested? Did I try my best to help?

At least, we can help clarify the truth about Falun Gong to officers involved in that situation. We can also talk to family members of those practitioners so that they will not have negative thoughts towards Falun Gong. Lastly, we can do the three things well ourselves and send strong righteous thoughts for detained practitioners.