(Minghui.org) The right side of my face was suddenly paralyzed in December 2014. My mouth was crooked and my eye was half-closed. Even though I knew this was not a serious illness, I was still surprised because I was only a little over 40 years old.

At the hospital, the doctor made over a dozen incisions inside my mouth without using any anesthetic and injected medicine into the area of the paralysis. It was very painful.

After the first round of treatment, there was little effect. When it came time for the second round of treatment, I was terrified. What should I do? I suddenly thought of Falun Dafa.

My elder sister's family has practiced Dafa for over a dozen years. My elder sister recovered from her illnesses after she learned the practice and her temper improved. Later my sister-in-law's husband, her father-in-law, and her mother-in-law also began practicing. During the past 17 or 18 years, my brother-in-law often told me stories of remarkable things that happened to him since he began this spiritual cultivation.

Since the New Year of 2015, I have practiced Dafa and after over one year, my facial paralysis disappeared without medical treatment.

I am a physical education teacher and have a private physical training business. I started to practice Dafa for the purpose of curing my illness. I thought that it was just a type of qigong. Now, I know Falun Gong is a cultivation practice of the Buddha school.

I often asked myself: Are there really Buddhas? I don't see any. However, my positive experiences since practicing and my family's strong faith encourage me to continue in the practice.

Following the Dafa Principles

Master said:

“As practitioners, you will suddenly come across conflicts. What should you do? You should always maintain a heart of compassion and kindness. Then, when you run into a problem, you will be able to do well because it gives you room to buffer the confrontation. You should always be benevolent and kind to others, and consider others when doing anything. Whenever you encounter a problem, you should first consider whether others can put up with this matter or if it will hurt anyone. In doing so, there will not be any problems.” (Zhuan Falun)

One time, a student's parent demanded a tuition refund and had a quarrel with the accountant. The accountant refused to refund the tuition and was rude to the parent. Since I was in charge of the campus, the parent complained to me about the accountant.

After reviewing the issue, I discovered that the student had not improved his grade after studying here. Thus, the parent was not happy with our service and demanded a refund. Besides, the accountant used bad language, which made the parent angry. If I put myself in the other person's shoes, and my child hadn't improved his grades after spending 10,000 yuan, I would not be happy either.

So I asked the accountant to apologize to the parent. However, the accountant didn't apologize; instead she again quarreled with the parent. I rebuked her for what she did, and she angrily slammed the door and left. At that moment, I remembered “I am a practitioner” and was not tempted to respond with anger.

I sincerely apologized to the parent and refunded the tuition. The parent left happily. Afterwards, I talked to the accountant again. I would have criticized her severely if I were not a practitioner. I knew I should treat others with compassion. I only pointed out her mistake, and I patiently suggested to her how to properly interact with customers, to learn a lesson from this, and to deal with conflicts properly in the future.

From this incident, I felt the preciousness of cultivating Dafa, which is to look within when encountering a conflict. If everyone can accord with Dafa's principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and find their own shortcomings and mistakes when encountering conflict, the whole country and society would be very peaceful.