(Minghui.org) I would like to share some of my thoughts after reading the article on Minghui, “The Sea of Suffering and Lust Seen in Another Dimension,” published on April 13, 2017.

Practitioners Should Focus on Saving More Sentient Beings

In the article, the author described what he saw with his third eye:

I saw all Dafa disciples in different corners of the world kneeling down, facing Master. Master stood on a gigantic lotus flower, surrounded by peaceful clouds. Master's appearance changed constantly, sometimes appearing as a Buddha, sometimes as a Dao, and sometimes as a divine being. The disciples all called out to Master, “Master, it is time to return. Please bring us back home!”

I think the practitioners described in the above message unknowingly gave up saving sentient beings. As practitioners, our duty is to help Master in the Fa rectification and to save more sentient beings. Currently we have not fulfilled our duties. Now is not the time to say, “Master, it is time to return. Please bring us back home!”

The description showed two common issues among practitioners: One is wanting Master to come back (to Mainland China). Another is asking Master to “bring us back home.” These practitioners subconsciously want the Fa rectification to end.

Master is the one who decides when everything ends. Master has not said to us, “It is time to end.” It is wrong for practitioners who are supposed to fulfill our duties to make that decision.

Some practitioners have not fully focused on saving more people. They might not think they are attached to the completion time, but, in fact, they are just waiting for the Fa rectification to end. They may feel that they have done right all along because they’ve done the three things.

Take doctors as an example. A doctor's ability is limited, and there are cases where he is not able to treat a patient. Facing the people he can't save, a responsible doctor would never give up. Similarly, as practitioners, we should not give up when facing people who can't be saved. What we should do is follow Master's Fa and save more people. Practitioners can reach higher levels during this process. The completion of our cultivation comes from reaching the Fa's standard.

Practitioners Who Do Not Cultivate Diligently Will Regret

Master told us what it means to be a Dafa disciples:

"'Dafa disciple'... 'Dafa disciple,' what does being a 'Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciple' mean? It is the foremost title and the most magnificent being in the cosmos. If you only care about your own salvation, will that do?" ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York")

Most Dafa practitioners have gone through serious tests and have done what practitioners should do—protect Dafa and save people. They are worthy of the name “Dafa disciple.” Yet the standard for Dafa disciples gets higher when closer to the end.

For practitioners who follow the paths Master arranged and do their best to save sentient beings, they will continue cultivation until completion of the objective. Many practitioners have the experience that the more people they save, the more they eliminate attachments and achieve higher levels. That is the way of our cultivation.

If a practitioner ignored Master's reminding, and if he did not want to continue to fulfill his vow and save sentient beings, his cultivation would halt and his attachments would be difficult to eliminate. Such people would have regret at the end.

In the Minghui article the author also saw this scene:

Master quietly pointed toward a sea, where tides rose and fell and the bank was crowded with boats. There was a man and a woman there who looked like the old forces. The woman had a pink lotus flower in one hand and a gourd with medicine in the other. She poured the liquid from the gourd onto the roots of the lotus. At the microscopic level, it consisted of tiny worms called Gu, a legendary, venomous insect. The man did the same but with a black lotus flower; tiny worms called Huo could be seen at the microscopic level. They put the lotus flowers into the sea, and those black and pink worms tangled together. The water instantly turned smooth and psychedelic, with pink bubbles. The sea was called the “sea of ending relationships,” also known as the sea of suffering and the sea of desire (corresponding to the demon of sentimentality and the demon of lust).

...Every Dafa disciple who can ride over the sea must be pure. Anyone who has even a tiny bit of hidden lust or sentimental desire would be ruined by the sea and buried there along with their boats, never to reincarnate. The billions of years of waiting, along with Master's merciful salvation, would be in vain.

It shows that if practitioners don’t follow Master's arrangements, then they would naturally be following the old force's arrangements.

When walking on a path the old forces arranged, it is extremely difficult for practitioners to get rid of attachments, and it is especially difficult to pass the test of lust. The old forces are higher level beings. When they want you to pass a test, it may be easy for you to pass. If they do not want you to pass, the test they arrange may be almost impossible to pass. This is one of the reasons a cultivator may fail in following the cultivation paths the old forces arranged. They want to eliminate you. In another dimension, they can see through you, so they know how to arrange tests that you are not able to pass.

Focus on Saving More People

It is Master's mercy that the article was published on the Minghui website. It is another reminder to practitioners. Master has been telling us for multiple years to cultivate diligently and not to be attached to the time of completion.

As Dafa practitioners, we should eliminate the attachment to the idea of completion. Whether we can complete cultivation is not what we should focus on; instead, we focus on saving more people. When we are no longer attached to our feelings for personal suffering and the wish for completion, and when all our thoughts are on whether people in the world know the truth of Dafa and can be saved, we will be truly walking on the path Master arranged for us.

Master told us:

"...rationally analyzing and uncovering shortcomings, and they exchange thoughts for the purpose of validating the Fa, reducing losses, helping fellow cultivators to think and act righteously, thinking of ways to help fellow cultivators who are being persecuted, and saving more sentient beings." ("Mature", The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

When we focus on doing the three things, personal attachments will leave us, including the attachment to completing cultivation.