(Minghui.org) A campaign to pressure local Falun Gong practitioners in Huaihua City to renounce their faith was launched earlier this year. In May and June alone at least four practitioners were arrested, 50 were repeatedly harassed by the authorities at home, and one was stopped and harassed by police at a train station. Among the four arrested, two were released after detention, one was put in a brainwashing center, and one was released on bail awaiting trial.

Falun Gong is a spiritual discipline persecuted in China since 1999. This “Knocking-on-door” campaign is one of the many ways to persecute the practitioners who refuse to give up their practice. The authorities often visited the practitioners for no reason, or in the names of checking household registry or identifications. They question the practitioners on whether they still practice Falun Gong, or ask if they filed a lawsuit against the former Chinese leader who launched the persecution. The practitioners were warned not to do the exercises outdoors or tell others why the persecution was wrong. Some practitioners were videotaped, photographed, or even forced to give their signatures. Some were forced to provide their ID numbers and other family members' phone numbers. When the authorities couldn't find the practitioners after several visits, they harassed their families.

The practitioners who were harassed in the campaign include Ms. Li Ping, Ms. Wang Yuying, Ms. Liu Guifen, Ms. Li Sanmei, Mr. Luo Yong, Ms. Tang Fangju, Ms. Li Shirong, Huang Yuanqiao, Ms. Li Faxiu, Ms. Liu Guifang, Liu Shuangqi, Ms. Zeng Xiaoying, Ms. Lei Huamei, Ms. Zhang Shengying, Ms. Wu Fangming, Ms. He Xiuyun, Ms. Zhang Guanfeng, Ms. Yang Qiuping, Tian Xueya, Li Yusong, Ms. Wang Qixiang, Ms. Chen Jie, Ms. Chen Lanzhi, Mr. Li Dianxing, Ms. Yin Guiying, Mr. Xu Guisheng, Ms. Liu Aiping, Ms. Luo Jufeng, Ms. Yang Fengmei, Ms. Yang Donglian, Ms. Tian Songmei, Ms. Yang Dongyue, Ms. Cai Weili, Mr. Zhang Shiliang, Ms. Yao Cuiping, Ms. Tian Liping, Ms. Tang Defen, Ms. Gan Qiaoying, Ms. Peng Yanji, Ms. Wu Yundi, Zhou Zhongming, Ms. Zhong Jilan and her husband, Ms. Ou Jianxiang, Ms. Li Qingxiu, Ms. Li Julan, Ms. Jiang Yongmei, Chen Hongzao, Ms. Tan Tiemei, and Ms. Pan Cun’e.

Ms. Yang Lanying was stopped and harassed by the police at the train station in Xupu County.

The police arrested Ms. Qiu Qianying, Ms. Wu Shu’e, Ms. Tan Meihua and Ms. Wang Aiyu. Ms. Qiu and Ms. Wu were arrested on June 12th as they were telling others about the persecution. Ms. Qiu was detained for a day and Ms. Wu two.Ms. Tan was arrested on June 15th from home and tortured in a brainwashing center.Ms. Wang was arrested on May 10th and released on bail awaiting trial.