(Minghui.org) Mr. Di Yongchi, 64, used to be a technical expert at a power plant in Huludao City, Liaoning Province. He was illegally detained on May 14, 2017, and sentenced to seven years in prison on July 4. Mr. Di is being held in the Suizhong County Detention Center.

Mr. Di used to suffer from many health problems, such as heart disease, stomach issues, and anemia. He was also involved in a bad accident at work. He was hit by a 3-ton piece of equipment that broke his pelvis. Another coworker that was involved died instantly. Although Mr. Di survived, he became extremely weak. His mental functions were slow, and he suffered from memory loss.

In desperation, Mr. Di started to practice Falun Gong and an amazing thing happened: He recovered completely. He went back to work and contributed significantly to his company. He also became more considerate of others.

Officers from the Domestic Security Division of the Suizhong Police Department and the power plant’s security office arrested Mr. Di and took him to the Suizhong Detention Center. The police were in plainclothes and pretended to be from the property management office. They did not have a search warrant, and said they were arresting him because he practiced Falun Gong.

During the trial that was held on June 26, Wang Guanyi put forth as “evidence” that Mr. Di was accused of saying, “Falun Gong is the righteous Fa and the communist party is evil.”

When judge Guan Shusen told Mr. Di’s two defense attorneys not to defend Falun Gong, they stated their rights and responsibilities.

Judge Guan did not accept the lawyers’ request to throw out the “evidence” and sentenced Mr. Di seven years in prison based on his alleged statement, one that he had every right to make.

For a list of the perpetrators, please see the Chinese article.