(Minghui.org) Some local practitioners have been recently dealing with bouts of lust and desire, which they think comes from their own mind. Being of a different opinion, I would like to share my understanding.

Gaining a New Understanding

Doctors diagnosed me with heart disease in 1995. To attain a healthy body, I began to practice Falun Dafa. But, while I returned to good health, my mind was still filled with undesirable things, such as lust and desire. I contributed this to my addiction to watching television and reading romance novels.

I memorized, and hand-copied, the Fa in order to get rid of this interference. And extended the time I sent righteous thoughts, but to no avail. Any good looking girl made me turn my head. No matter what I did, I could not stop myself.

Master said,

“…your thinking someone is nice or someone isn’t nice, your loving to do something or not loving to do something—everything is emotion, and ordinary people just live for emotion.” (Zhuan Falun)

When visiting a woman practitioner I knocked at the door and a lust demon appeared at the top of my head and filled my mind with dirty thoughts. I realized that I did not generate those thoughts and told that demon to get out of my head. The demon disappeared instantly.

This incident told me that I had not understood the relevant Fa principles. I had thought that my attitude was caused by my attachments, a thought that also arose from reading practitioners’ articles, discussing this subject.

Then, it came to me that the problem was not solely related to attachments. By acknowledging the problem one unconsciously reinforced whatever problem one faced and gave it more energy. However, another contributing factor was not studying the Fa well, which is the equivalent to giving it life.

After enlightening to this Fa truth, I pointed this out to a local practitioner. She said she had recognized it, but was unable to get rid of the interference. So, another practitioner and I told her that by denying it, she could get rid of it, and it worked.

Master’s Fa lectures also told me that if the lust and desire could not be eliminated, it was interference arranged by the old forces. From then on, whenever a dirty thought entered my mind, I negated it and it helped me eliminate those dirty thoughts.