(Minghui.org) Master said,

“Exposing the wicked policemen and bad persons and publicizing their evil deeds is extremely effective at shocking and restraining those irrational, wicked people. At the same time, by clarifying the facts to the people on a local level it most directly exposes, and generates public awareness of, the wicked persecution. It is also a great way to save the people who have been poisoned and deceived by the lies. I hope all Dafa disciples and new students in mainland China will do this well.” (“Comment on a Student’s Article,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress, Vol. III)

During the past few years, I have collected and compiled local persecution cases and submitted them to the Minghui website.

At the Beginning

After Master published the above commentary, local practitioners collected information about persecution cases in our area. I did a bit of related work. A practitioner asked me to help with this kind of work again in the beginning of 2008. This effort did not go very far and soon ended.

In 2009, our coordinator organized a continuation of the work from 2008 and asked me to help again. It was completed after overcoming many obstacles. The report was in a table format with statistics and covered more cases. It lacked concrete details on the severe cases, especially deaths and severe sentences.

Some practitioners did not submit cases for the report because they were afraid of retaliation from the perpetrators and it might make it more difficult to clarify the truth to local people. One practitioner submitted cases to the Minghui website without anyone’s approval or consent.

In 2013 our local practitioners who suffered persecution in the labor camp were asked to write about their experiences. I wrote mine and helped other practitioners with writing theirs. Some practitioners resisted, so nothing was submitted. No one dared to keep the finished cases and they were destroyed in the end.

Practitioners put a lot of effort in writing their cases and other practitioners worked diligently to help. In the end the precious materials could not be kept for safety reasons.

When we needed to revive the project, there were other obstacles: some practitioners did not want to, some had passed away, others moved away, and some could not remember details that happened years ago.

Mission and Responsibility

Even though I had helped to collect each case of persecution and did my share of work, I still doubted if the project was truly useful. After studying the Fa, I realized that Master paid special attention to the persecution suffered by practitioners.

I always paid attention to the local persecuted practitioners and worried about them. I knew about most of the cases. For a time I would often hear the words “mission” and “responsibility” and would see them in my head, but I did not enlighten to these hints.

Master said,

“From the day it was set up it was firmly established as a vehicle for Dafa disciples’ cultivation and their sharing of experiences, and meant to report on the persecution of Dafa disciples in a timely manner. ... the site is able to, in a timely manner, directly report on the persecution that Dafa disciples are suffering; [Minghui’s reports] are not based on third-hand information, but rather, on firsthand material that is acquired directly.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference X, Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding)

“While you hope to see the persecution end soon, that by itself is just a wish; what a Dafa disciple should be doing is working on exposing it and facing it with righteous thoughts.” (Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day)

Why had I been chosen to work on the persecution cases every time? Why did I always pay attention to local persecution situation? I gradually understood after studying the Fa that exposing the persecution could be my mission and responsibility. I now realize that through my work, more people could understand the truth, which would prevent them from committing more crimes.

With Master's protection, I did not make major mistakes over the past 17 years of persecution. Without any worries in my personal life, I was able to study the Fa with concentration and did the Dafa work well. Even though I had many attachments and have not cultivated well, I realized I could no longer count on others. Two diligent practitioners who worked with me on the cases passed away; another practitioner dropped out. I had to shoulder the responsibility of exposing the local persecution.

Three practitioners were arrested and sent to brainwashing centers in 2012 and 2013. I reported their cases to the Minghui website. Later, I got my own Minghui email account.

The Past Two Years

I had read articles from other areas of China on the Minghui website that summarized their local persecution cases. I was anxious to do the same. I searched the Minghui site, but I was unable to find much information about our local area. I made up my mind to work on it step by step.

With the organ harvesting crimes exposed at the beginning of 2014, practitioners in our city began to investigate the death cases and see if any cases were related to organ harvesting. I was one of the four practitioners working on it.

We did thorough investigations. We went back to some of the cases that we had dared not investigate ten years before because we feared the evil and lacked the courage to face their families. Even though some of the families did not welcome us and refused to cooperate with us, we made progress and obtained much more information.

I set up a database for all the cases and used a password-protected hard drive to store them. After compiling and editing them, I sent three summary reports to Minghui successively—one about death cases, one for practitioners sentenced to prison terms, and one about practitioners given labor camp terms.

During the period that I was working on the reports, local people who had the NTD satellite dish (which can receive uncensored programming) installed received threatened messages on their programs. I wrote an article about it and submitted it to Minghui. The messages disappeared shortly afterwards.

TV monitors in some banks in our local area played messages that asked people not to use currency with Falun Dafa words on them. I helped to write a letter to the bank officials which told them about Dafa and the principles of retribution. The letter was published on Minghui, and local practitioners distributed the letter to bank officials and employees. One practitioner gave the letter to a bank president. Soon afterwards, all the TV monitors in that bank stopped broadcasting those messages.

My Understanding

Studying the Fa helped me understand the principles behind the project. I knew that Master told us to do so and these were the things we should do. I felt supported while doing the project.

I realized that those of us in the project should maintain strong righteous thoughts and should not be afraid of persecution, nor even think about it. We should negate the persecution that was imposed by the old forces.

I maintained my enthusiasm and was patient. I treated the persecuted practitioners and their families as my own family. Their things are my things. During my investigation, I worked attentively. I asked detailed questions, listened to them patiently and carefully considered all aspects before I finalized the cases and submitted them. During holiday seasons, I bought gifts for the families of deceased practitioners and showed them warmth and concern.

I cultivated compassion. While exposing the evil persecution, I did not bear hatred toward the perpetrators. I treated them as sentient beings that needed to be saved, which is what Master wanted. The purpose of what we did was to stop them from continuing the persecution. With practitioners' efforts in clarifying the truth and righteous thoughts, the evils factors were lessened. More people understood the truth and were no longer willing to participate in the persecution.

Our group kept a low profile and remembered to cultivate our speech for the safety of other practitioners. The work we did was known only by the related practitioners. It was a test of loneliness as well. When compiling the cases, I worked in front of the computer all day and rarely went outside.

There were many other practitioners who contributed to the exposure of our local persecution. Some of them did a lot of work before I started the project. Many practitioners helped me along the way as well. I sincerely thank them.

When I saw my articles published on Minghui with the author as “Minghui Correspondent”, I was thrilled. This was not only a good title but also represented the mission and responsibility to be fulfilled. I was ashamed that I did not cultivate well and had wasted a lot of time. I must do better in the future.