(Minghui.org) I cultivate in an unlocked state with my celestial eye open. One time when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw the dimensional field of one practitioner from far away.

It was very dark and filled with evil substances, so I tried to help eliminate the evil, but without success. My supernormal abilities could not reach the evil substances since they were not in the same dimension.

I reflected on the situation and found the problem. I had created a large gap between that practitioner and myself, because I usually did not agree with what he had done or wanted to do.

After realizing this issue, I had a more profound understanding of being tolerant toward fellow practitioners. Every practitioner is a particle of Dafa, as all life is created by it. Practitioners will display different attachments and shortcomings while cultivating in this human world.

We should cherish the essence of every being, and thus harmonize what Master wants. There should then be no obstacles for practitioners in cooperating and forming a one-body.

When I encountered similar situations in the past, I only passively tolerated them to accommodate the other practitioners. I did it from the standpoint of self, so no matter how much I tried to enlarge my capacity for tolerance, it was very limited.

However, if I viewed things from Dafa's perspective, then my capacity, strength, and wisdom wer boundless. That is the essential difference.

After I realized this, helping practitioners to clean up their dimensional fields became easier and quicker.

Another time, a practitioner's Law-guardian God came up to me and asked me to not talk too much about novel things to that practitioner. His strong pursuit, by his main consciousness, had led to a bad cultivation state, and he could not focus while reading the Fa. He felt drowsy all day, which seriously hindered his Fa-study and doing the Dafa exercises.

When I later told the practitioner about it, he said that he enjoyed reading online novels about different dimensions and cultivation practices.

I told him that everyone's cultivation state is carefully arranged by Master. If he is supposed to cultivate in a locked state but is attached to seeking supernormal abilities, isn't that interference to the path arranged by Master? How serious it is!

As long as we study the Fa with a calm mind, even when we cannot see or hear anything from another dimension, Dafa's power should be enough to fill us with confidence.

That practitioner eventually quit reading everyday people's online articles and is now able to study the Fa with a calm mind. He also validates the Fa.