(Minghui.org) I became a Falun Dafa practitioner before July 20, 1999. After the onset of the persecution, I was imprisoned, became fearful and gave up my faith. Master did not give up on me, and I began to cultivate again. However, the environment was rather stressful, as my family did not support my cultivation, and my heart was filled with fear after I was released from prison. Solid Fa-study helped me to make major breakthroughs.

Respecting the Fa

After I was released from prison, I could not read the Fa with a calm mind. I often felt sleepy and fell asleep sometimes. Instead of looking within, I tried to deceive myself by thinking that it was good enough to have read a little Fa. But, how could this be considered reading the Fa?

Besides, when reading the Fa, I often skipped words, and read the wrong words. I did not pay much attention to this problem, although other practitioners talked to me about this. It even made me unhappy when they pointed out my problem too often.

Master said:

“Let me also tell you that the content of this book has combined the Fa that I have taught in several classes. Everything was taught by me, and every sentence was spoken by me. Every word was pulled from the tape recordings and transcribed word for word.” (Zhuan Falun)

“Enabling you to read the book and study the Fa is itself improving you, because we emphasize xinxing cultivation, and having a rational understanding improves a person in and of itself.” (“Suggestions Given at the Beijing Falun Dafa Assistants Meeting” from Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa)

I now understand that Master has put much wisdom into this Fa. Every word and every sentence in this Fa has profound meanings. It is a xinxing problem if we cannot treat Fa-study seriously.

Master said:

“All of the gong and Fa lie in the book, and one will naturally obtain them by reading Dafa.” (“Seeking Discipleship with Teacher” from Essentials for Further Advancement).

If we want to understand the Fa, be guided by Master, and want to assimilate into this immense Fa, we must read it with a righteous mind. We must read every single word as said by Master or our cultivation will be for naught. Thus, I no longer am careless when reading the Fa and show my respect for it.

Overcoming Sleepiness

Given my work schedule and long hours at work, I read the Fa in the evening. I was often exhausted by that time, felt sleepy, and could not focus on the Fa. As a result, I did not do well in clarifying the truth about Dafa.

I understood that if I did not improve the quality and quantity of my Fa-study, I would face trouble. However, I could not endure hardship. I asked myself, why I could not study this precious Fa more diligently and reach a deeper understanding of it?

Master said,

“Pause for a moment of self-reflection,and increase your righteous thoughts.Thoroughly analyze your shortcomings,and progress with renewed diligence.” (“Rational and Awake” from Hong Yin II)

To overcome sleepiness, I have tried to read while kneeling down, do the standing exercises before reading, wash my face with cold water, or drink tea or coffee. After a while, I no longer felt sleepy.

Now, I make truth-clarifying phone calls after dinner and after nine p.m. I read one lecture in Zhuan Falun, as well as a few cultivation articles on the Minghui website. After sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight I do the sitting meditation, and after sending righteous thoughts at six a.m. I do the standing exercises.

Gaining Profound Understanding of the Fa Truths

I used to think that virtue refers to selflessness or treating others nicely but I gained a more profound understanding after I read Master's Fa,

“Qigong practice requires one to value de. In doing the exercises, if you do not think about good things, at least you should not think about bad things. It is best if you do not think about anything.” (Zhuan Falun)

All of sudden I had a more profound understanding of virtue. When doing the exercises, one must not let the mind wander, otherwise, one would lose virtue, which is equivalent to practicing evil cultivation. My mind had become much clearer and purer.

Master said, “It is very difficult to save a practitioner if he cannot conduct himself properly. He can easily ruin himself.” (Zhuan Falun)

After reading Master's Fa I was shocked. I realized that it is extremely important for a cultivator to conduct himself properly.

Now, when I am faced with tribulations or big tests, I am able to conduct myself well. But, I often don't pay attention to minor things.

I remembered that I would vomit blood after I made an inappropriate joke among everyday people. This is a hint from Master, but I did not take it seriously and did not cultivate my speech. Now, I remind myself to pay attention to my speech.

Improvement of Cultivation Status

Given my solid Fa-study, my cultivation status has greatly improved and thus I changed accordingly. People around me, at work or at home, have changed their attitude towards Dafa. They have become more supportive. Five of my relatives have become Dafa cultivators. Most of my relatives have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Now, I have the courage to clarify the truth in public and have joined local Dafa projects. I have hosted two local experience sharing meetings, and been involved in the rescue of practitioners.

Since I have developed strong righteous thoughts, I have encountered little interference or tribulations.

A few 610 Office staff members came to my workplace in 2014, and tried to take me to a brainwashing center. My supervisors stopped them. However, I was warned to be a little more careful when clarifying the truth in public.

Then, a few 610 Office officers came to my workplace at the beginning of this year, telling me that my lawsuit against Jiang Zemin had been accepted by the Supreme Peoples Court. They did not give me a hard time, left after a while and never came back.