(Minghui.org) As Falun Dafa flourished across China in the 1990s, most young practitioners cultivated under their parents' supervision. This environment has been damaged due to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution since 1999.

As a result, some young practitioners were not very diligent, which in turn interfered with their parents' cultivation and their ability to clarify the truth.

I enlightened to the fact that young practitioners have a special predestined relationship with their parents, with each of them affecting the other.

If the parents are diligent in their cultivation, their children will be less affected by ordinary society. If the parents harbor a lot of qingand sentiment, their children could be easily affected.

Young practitioners have also made vows to Master. If they cannot fulfill their vows, they could suffer great consequences. I believe that Master has delayed certain future events in order to give these practitioners additional chances to make good on their vows.

Some parents feel helpless, saying, “Since he doesn't listen to me, I let him do whatever he wants.”

Others are of the opinion that young practitioners belong to the next group of practitioners, and are not Fa-rectification disciples.

However, since many young practitioners started learning Dafa before 1999, how can they be considered the “next group”?

I believe that all Dafa practitioners should study the Fa well and clarify the truth. Some young practitioners are not very diligent because they don't regularly study the Fa.

Many parents were persecuted and imprisoned, creating an unstable cultivation environment for their children. As such, it was easy for these young practitioners to drift along with the tide in ordinary society.

I feel that these young practitioners will become diligent again if we can encourage them to study the Fa well, send righteous thoughts, and look inward.

We should never give up on them. As long as we cultivate ourselves well, they will have repeated chances to do well, too.

Local practitioners should also share experience with them, to help them get back on track. If we do that, it will be easier to act as one body, thus enabling more sentient beings to be saved.

Since I started practicing Dafa when I was very young, I went through this same exact process as I am describing here. Due to the persecution, I rarely studied the Fa and lived as an everyday person for many years.

However, Master and fellow practitioners in my area never gave up on me.

I know that Master is by my side, and has been giving me countless hints. It's only because fellow practitioners have been studying the Fa with me and encouraging me, that I've been able to diligently cultivate myself.

I'm very thankful to Master and my fellow practitioners.

I hope that all practitioners will take it upon themselves to guide and nurture these young practitioners so that they don't miss this once in an eon opportunity!