(Minghui.org) I started cultivating Falun Dafa with my parents when I was little. As a result, my health has been good and my school grades were also good. But I slacked off over time. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I came to understand that studying the Fa was the key to advance oneself in cultivation and improve xinxing.

Slacking Off

During the summer vacation after I graduated from elementary school, I hardly studied the Fa at all. My excuse was that I wanted to be with my grandparents. I didn't even go to the local group Fa study that was held twice a week.

I also didn’t make Fa study a priority during my middle school years. When I did study, my heart wasn’t in it, as I was just trying to fulfill the requirement. While I was reading the book, my mind was thinking about where I would go to play after studying. My xinxing fell a lot during those years.

I had always planned to try to get into a good high school. But I didn't put in any effort to achieve that goal. My grades plummeted. My score for high school admission tests was only 367, which was too low to get into a good public high school. With a grade point average as low as mine, I would have to attend a private high school.


I tried to settle my mind down, and I thought through many questions. I felt I should study the Fa, and that studying the Fa should be my first priority. But I had to live in the new school, and could not study the Fa at home like I did before. My father came up with a good idea. He bought a pocket recorder for me to listen to Master’s Fa lectures with. I brought it to school and listened to the Fa teachings for half a hour every day before I fell asleep.

I did well at first, but later, I began falling asleep while listening and the player continued playing all night. The next day the battery was dead. I didn't pay much attention to it, and thought I might have just been too tired after a whole day of classes.


One time, when I returned home during a school vacation, my father showed me an article from the Minghui website. The article was written by a high school student who spent a lot of time at play and didn't study the Fa much. His grades plummeted. He later realized his problem and started studying the Fa every day. He became more and more diligent in cultivation and Master helped open his wisdom. After reading the article I thought to myself, “I didn't study the Fa from my heart and truly assimilate to Dafa. This is what caused my current problems.”

I adjusted my mentality and increased my Fa study time to one hour every day, and sent forth righteous thoughts often at school. From my sophomore year on, my school grades improved a lot and I was among the top three in my class. I began to concentrate more on Fa study.

Test and Advancement

One night, after listening Master's Fa teaching, I went to sleep and had a dream. In the dream, six girls in our dorm went to a place and rented two rooms. One room had three small beds, the other room was more spacious and had one large bed. Each small bed was shared by two girls, and the large bed was for the shortest girl. I thought that because she was short, it would be a waste of space if she had the big bed to herself. I asked her if I could share the large bed with her, and she agreed. I stayed in that room for a while and saw a small box on the dresser. There was a pile of money in the box. I grabbed some of it, put in my pocket, then left the room.

A while later, a girl came out the room and said she lost 1,000 yuan and asked who took the money. I thought that I hadn't taken that much money, and went back to the room and put the money back in the box. I saw the other girls expressions of ridicule, and that they looked down on me. I realized that they exaggerated the amount of money in order to lure me out. I realized that I had a xinxing loophole that was being taken advantage of by evil.

I hurried to find my father, and asked him to help send forth righteous thoughts. Right after my father and I sat down, a scene appeared. In front of each of us was a cell phone screen that was running chat software. We were playing with the cell phone while sending forth righteous thoughts. I knew that this mentality was wrong, but I couldn't stop it. Then I woke up.

After my morning Fa study the next day, I called my father and told him about my dream. He said that Master was giving me a hint. After talking to him, I saw that I was being selfish and had the attachment to money, taking others peoples’ stuff without permission, and that I loved to play with my cell phone.

I continued to look within, and found the attachment of relying on others, looking for external factors when encountering problems, and not according myself with the Fa. I extended the time for sending forth righteous thoughts and corrected myself with the Fa. My xinxing improved. I started considering others first, restrained selfishness, limited my time using the cell phone, and had less attachment to money.

These experiences helped me to diligently study the Fa and improve my xinxing.

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