(Minghui.org) Old force elements and evil beings in other dimensions cannot be eliminated by sending forth righteous thoughts alone. Falun Dafa practitioners' many human notions were carefully arranged by the old forces, so in order to thoroughly break all these arrangements, one needs to look inward and use the Fa to correct oneself.

Old Forces Assigned Specific Tasks

Each element of the old forces has a specific task of interfering with a practitioner's cultivation. As a result, practitioners develop all kinds of notions and attachments, such as hatred, competitiveness, lust, pursuit, comfort, carelessness, thought karma, looking outward, etc. All these notions prevent us from thoroughly eliminating the old forces. The old forces use these tools to weaken our righteous thoughts, preventing us from using our divine power.
In the article published on the Minghui website titled, “Study the Fa Well; Take Purging Our Own Problems With Righteous Thoughts Seriously”, the author said: “I have seen the following: when Dafa practitioners' minds were not pure and clean enough, the colors of the gong they sent out were not pure and clear, and the gong potency was also very weak, and it indeed was not capable of completely eliminating the evil substances layer by layer down to the root and origin of the evil.”

The author continued, “Therefore, it is very important to eliminate our own problems with righteous thoughts, to clean out the warped, physical elements in other dimensions that interfere with us.”

Cleaning a Practitioner's Dimension

How do the old force elements get into our dimension? All attachments nourish these beings. They feed on our notions, and grow and reproduce in our dimension. The more we slack off in cultivation, the stronger our attachments become, and the more the old forces will gather in our dimension.

These evil beings make us feel sleepy when studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. They interfere with us when we try to look inward, and create tribulations, sickness karma or even make practitioners pass away.

Studying the Fa well will help us to understand Master's teachings, find our attachments, and strengthen our resolve. It will also help us to look inward, send powerful righteous thoughts, and eliminate the old forces.

I spend about ten minutes every day to clean my dimension. I first recite the Fa, and then try to eliminate my attachments. When I have the strong will to get rid of the attachments, Master helps me to eliminate the rotten substances in my dimension.

When I keep looking inward and rectifying myself, my dimension becomes purer, and my mind becomes clearer. I also recite, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Master said:

“Saying "Dafa hao" is not only effective for ordinary people, but also for Dafa disciples since it clears away the bad things in the mind. When you have every cell in your body saying that Dafa is great, you will find that your entire body feels the reverberations.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York”)

Cultivation Is Serious

Many practitioners do not pay attention to looking inward. They have strong human notions and are unable to eliminate the old forces' arrangements.

I often see evil beings get into the dimensions of practitioners who have not cultivated well. These beings persecute practitioners in an attempt to separate them from the “one-body.”

I often send forth righteous thoughts towards such practitioners, but when I eliminate the old forces at this end, more enter into their dimensions at the other end. If a practitioner has too many human notions, the evil substances can easily be transported into their dimension, as they are protected by practitioners' notions.

The evil substances can fill their dimension in a short space of time. Thus, if one does not study the Fa well and look inward, they cannot eliminate the old forces, and will be walking on the path arranged by the old forces. Such a practitioner is in grave danger, so studying the Fa and paying attention to cleaning one's own thoughts are extremely important.

Some practitioners do not take cultivation seriously. It is not very obvious in the human dimension whether one is diligent or not, but in other dimensions the differences are huge.

Master Has Extended the Time for Us

I've seen, in my celestial eye, that many practitioners are sprinting to their final level that they can reach in cultivation. These practitioners hold a copy of Zhuan Falun with a blossoming lotus flower on the back in their hands. These practitioners are mature cultivators, and are close to consummation. Their achievements are tremendous and their worlds are wonderful. At each level Master's Fashen is welcoming practitioners returning from the human world.

However, those who are not diligent are lagging behind. Their worlds are full of nasty animals, and the old forces try to take advantage of every loophole they have to drag them down. The practitioners are trapped by their own notions, and lack the strength to pull themselves out. The traps include enjoyment with the Internet, watching movies, TV shows, playing cards, fame, money, relationships, chatting, social media, shopping, food, etc.

If one gets addicted to these forms of entertainment, one will not be able to control oneself and will eventually get lost in the human world.

We must not waste the time that Master has extended for us to save ourselves and our sentient beings.