(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa helped me get my driver's license after only a little over one month of training, instead of the normal six month process which is typical in China. Their were many tests during the process that helped me cultivate and let go of attachments. As long as I studied the Fa well, I was able to deal with any situation that arose.

Driving students in China have to register with a driving school, be trained, and pass four tests before they can get their drivers' licenses.

My father reminded me to bribe the teacher before I started the training, as this was a normal practice in China, but I did not follow this recommendation. I knew that as a practitioner, I should rectify things that are abnormal, and do the right thing.

I registered with a driving school and passed the first (written) test in less than a month. Then, I learned to drive. The teacher hinted that I should give him some money or gifts. I did not take his advice.

I was asked to take the second test, a road test, after nine days. Normally it takes months to reach the second test. This was unprecedented. The second test was the hardest of the four tests.

It snowed that day and the signs painted on the road were covered. Everyone was motivated to clear the snow and spread salt. I worked very hard and kept working even after most of the others had stopped. I was a bit tired afterwards but felt happy in my heart. As a practitioner, I should do well.

The teacher arranged for me to take the test last. The electronic monitor sometimes did not work after it had been in continual use for a long time. There was a good chance it would not work when it was my turn, in which case I would have to take the text another time.

The student before me was unable to take the test because the electronic monitor failed to work. But as soon as I got in the car, the monitor worked again. I took the test without any problem.

While driving, I repeated the words “Falun Dafa is good” in my heart. During the test, a car from another lane suddenly turned into my lane. I drove into a snow pile to avoid hitting the car, but I did not stop. If I stopped, I would fail the test. I put my car into second gear and kept repeating “Falun Dafa is good” in my heart. Before I knew what had happened, my car was safely back on the road. I passed the second test successfully.

One young man failed the second test that day. I knew I would not see him again, so I clarified the truth to him and he agreed to withdraw from the Party.

According to the rules, there should be 35 days between the first test and the third test. But I was asked to take the third test as soon as possible. I practiced driving for six more days before I took the third test.

The third test was also a road test. I kept checking the weather forecast for snow. I worried that if snow was covering the road, I might drive across the line and fail the test. I saw snow in the forecast. When I realized that I was too attached to the forecast, it changed, and snow was no longer predicted. I felt very happy in my heart. Later, snow was again forecasted. I realized that my attachment was causing the result, so I deleted the weather forecast application from my phone. I decided that Master would have the final say.

Snow fell on the day before the test. Two other students and I shoveled the snow and cleared the road so that everyone was able to clearly see the road.

I was the third person to take the test and passed it successfully. I then took the final (written) test right away and passed it.

I gave a small gift to the teacher and clarified the truth to him.

I got my driver's license with only about a month of training. My father was amazed by the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa, as he realized that Dafa had helped me pass all the drivers tests.