(Minghui.org) I try to do good work for my employer. One example was when we received sanitary bags for the hotels at our warehouse. The items come in cartons of 100 units each, and are labeled as such. When I opened some of the boxes to count the actual quantity, I found that the they contained only about 60 bags on average.

I called the vendor's salesman and told him my findings. A few days later, the manager of that company called me, and said, “We supply all the hotels in the city. No one noticed this before. Will you consider working for our company? We need more employees like you.”

I had frequent job offers while I interacted with suppliers. I was an accountant working for a “joint-venture” hotel. The boss was from Taiwan. I was responsible for payments to suppliers.

A wine supplier brought me an expensive gift once as appreciation for a prompt payment. I declined the gift and told him, “As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I don't accept any gifts related to my job, but thank you for your kindness. Please remember that Falun Dafa is good!” This interaction occurred one month after the persecution of Falun Dafa started in July 1999.

Loan Officer is a Practitioner

In the mid 90's, the manufacturing company I worked for was almost bankrupt. I found a new job at a joint-venture hotel.

Besides regular bookkeeping work and payments, I also took on the task of applying for loans for the hotel. The female loan officer we worked with at the bank was older than me but she looked younger and elegant. She was always patient when answering my questions.

One year before the Moon Festival, the hotel was short on cash and wanted to extend an existing loan. My boss, the Taiwanese man, gave me a letter to take to the loan officer at our meeting.

I handed her the letter. She asked me to wait in her office, and she went out. She returned after a while and continued with our loan extension application.

A week or so later, the extension was approved, and I went to her office to sign the document and thank her. She took out an envelop and handed to me, saying, “This is the Moon Festival gift money your boss gave me, and the interest on the gift. I thought that if I refused to accept the letter, your boss, Mr. Yang, would be worried that I might be uncooperative regarding your loan extension. So I deposited the money in our bank. Now, the business is done and Mr. Yang can be worry-free. Here is the money and the interest.”

In Communist China, loan officers always have an upper hand in business, and often ask for gift money from companies. This loan officer won my respect immediately.

She told me her story, “I used to be sick and lacked energy while working. I took many days off, which delayed my work. However, since I began practicing Falun Gong and conducting my behavior according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I have become energetic all day long. I even have fewer wrinkles on my face than before.”

We had more business encounters, and she later gave me the book Zhuan Falunto take to our hotel's chief accountant.

I recognized the book. My mother also practiced Falun Gong (also called Falun Dafa), and had the same book at home. But because my job was busy and I didn't see many younger people practicing the exercises, I didn't join her.

This loan officer helped me notice that Falun Dafa practitioners were all around me. They were my colleagues and my neighbors. They were all respectable people, who were healthy and had high moral standards.

I felt that only a practice like Falun Dafa could purify modern Chinese people. So I started practicing in August 1998.

Shortly afterward, an incident happened in our hotel where many of our concierge staff who had a grill party came down with a stomach virus. So several accountants, including me, filled in at the front desk.

I substituted as a cashier. During a shift change while counting the cash received, I found a fake 100 yuan bill. Without hesitation, I shredded the fake bill and replaced it with 100 yuan from my own wallet.

It was a trivial gesture, but I sensed a happiness about being a good person who follows the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Not long after, a skin issue that had troubled me for many years, urticaria, disappeared without any treatment.


After the persecution of Falun Dafa began I was jailed in a forced labor camp and sent to brainwashing centers. After being released, I used my knowledge of computers to set up sites to print truth-clarification materials.

I was followed by bad people many times but Master was protecting me, and I was able to escape.

Eight years later, many small family printing sites had been set up. I sensed that my mission of setting up printing sites was complete, so I started to look for a job again.

I found an accounting job at a four star hotel, but since I had been out of work for eight years, I didn't have much knowledge of the new accounting software.

I held myself to the standards of a Falun Dafa practitioner in everyday life and in my work. I worked wholeheartedly and never became upset when there were misunderstandings. I learned the software system in a short time.

During the Chinese New Year, an accountant in my office planned to visit her family in another city. I gave her the convenience of choosing her holiday time first and planned to make my schedule fit around it. She was very happy. In the end, I worked every day during the week of the Chinese New Year. My boss was very grateful.

The local public security office pressured my company to dismiss me because I continued to practice Falun Gong, but our boss refused to let me go. When the pressure continued however, I decided to resign to save my boss from all the trouble.

I took some time to adjust my thoughts and then found a new job as a chief accountant with a private company. Because of the persecution, my identity card was out-dated. The boss, the chairman of the board, said it was not a problem. He assigned me to work on tasks in the office, and let his sister do tasks that required traveling outside the company.

The previous chief accountant refused to transfer his previous work and job knowledge to me, and left abruptly. It created huge pressure for me. Some accountants at various stores didn't cooperate with me. Warehouse managers didn't want to work with me. A few times, I was in tears on the way to these company-owned stores. However, Falun Dafa gave me the strength to deal with the pressure.

The former chief-accountant began working for another company which did business with us. We met one day at my company. I had totally let go of my resentment and grievances. I greeted him when he came in, and when he left, I accompanied him to the gate. This was the last time we met.

I went to see a warehouse manager who didn't cooperate. She was agitated and talked about all her difficulties, while weeping. She claimed she had a certain illness that prevented her from lowering her head to fill in the inventory form. I calmly listened, handed her a tissue to dry her tears, and shared some of the food I had brought, since she had not eaten lunch yet.

When she finished talking, I admitted to her that I had not cared about her enough. She said the former chief accountant never listened to her, and instead threatened her. She said she heard that the former chief accountant had refused to transfer his work over to me, and she offered her sympathy. She was moved by my actions, and from then on, she was very cooperative.

Continuing Xinxing Tests

Our boss’s sister sometimes openly criticized me in front of the other accountants, warehouse managers, and cashiers. I felt upset and hurt because she made me lose face in front of my subordinates. But I knew I should look inward to find the cause.

After many painful attempts to look inward, I changed my attitude and the environment improved. As a practitioner, I knew that everything happens to me for a reason.

With the wisdom from Falun Dafa, I implemented policies and reduced unnecessary discounts, which added millions of yuan in profit for the company.