(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Manjuan from Yongzhou City, Hunan Province was illegally arrested on June 6, 2017. She was deceived into going to the residential committee director's office to settle a dispute with her neighbor. From there she was taken away by police officers.

Ms. Wang's daughter was told that her mother was taken to Luqiao Brainwashing Center by agents from the Lingling District 610 Office.

Her family immediately went to the brainwashing center. When they questioned what crime Ms. Wang had committed, the center could not provide an answer.

On June 8, Ms. Wang's family visited the Lingling District Police Department, the Yongzhou City Police Department, and the Yongzhou City Appeals Office to get her released. Wherever they went, the officials claimed no knowledge of the situation and sent them to another agency.

Ms. Wang's family realized that they could go nowhere for help. When they tried to retain attorneys for her defense, no one dared to take the case for fear of retaliation by the government.

On June 9, Ms. Wang's home was ransacked by agents from 610 Offices in Ningyuan County and Lingling District. Some of the agents had raided her home several times. They confiscated Dafa books and Master Li's (the founder of Falun Gong) photo.

Sources report that Ms. Wang was turned in by her neighbor Lu Minggui, whose son Lu Songze is an officer at Ningyuan County Police Department. Ms. Wang had just returned home from displacement early this year. Previously, this neighbor had gotten her sentenced to four years in prison.

Persons Responsible for the arrest of Ms. Wang

Lu Minggui (吕明贵): Ms Wang's neighbor, +086-13789215078Lu Songzei (吕松泽): policeman, Ningyuan Police Department, +086-15074608055Sui Junmao (眭政茂): community director, +086-15116589311Li Hua (李华): director, Lingling District 610 Office, +086-13787636966