(Minghui.org) I once suffered dry eyes, chronic throat inflammation, gynecological problems, and constipation. I was so weak that I felt cold on hot summer days and got the flu every time it came around.

I lost count of the number of pills I had to take each day. I had to be hospitalized at times. I tried all kinds of treatments, even witchcraft, but nothing worked. I was 26 and already thinking about ending my life. I couldn't bring myself to do it because my daughter was only four at the time.

One day in 1996 I visited my cousin. She used to look sickly, dark, and thin. Now she looked radiant. I asked what miracle pills she took and was introduced to Falun Dafa. She said the practice had cured all her ailments.

After I became a practitioner and followed the teachings in Zhuan Falun, I became more forgiving and my personality improved drastically. As a result, my health improved each day.

Once I had a bad case of the flu with a severe cough and high fever. A practitioner told me that it was Master cleansing my body and I didn't seek medical help. After just three days the symptoms disappeared, and from then on I was never sick again. Witnessing the miracle, my family members took up the practice.

My father couldn't do much physical work because he was in a car accident a long time ago and had never completely healed. Through the practice he is now perfectly healthy. He's 74 years old, but working on a three-acre farm every day doesn't bother him at all.

My mother's severe skin conditions disappeared after she started to practice. She's 72 now and looks healthy and young. My husband had a deformed spinal cord, bone extrusion, and a sagging stomach prior to the practice. He's well now.

My mother-in-law had gotten so old that she couldn't care for herself anymore. After I married into my husband’s family, I took on the responsibility of caring for her on my own. Her husband died when she was young and none of her other children wanted to take care of her. She lived with us for 20 years until she passed away. Teacher says,

“Of course, in practicing cultivation in ordinary human society, we should respect parents and educate our children. Under all circumstances, we must be good and kind to others, not to mention to our family members.” (Zhuan Falun)

When my mother-in-law lived with us, I often had to clean her up after she had an accident. Once she cried in front of me, “You take better care of me than my own daughter.”

Her daughter gave up after taking care of her for six days. At my mother-in-law's funeral, many villagers told my husband, “You and your wife were so kind to your mother, especially your wife. She is the number one daughter-in-law in this town.”

Whenever I heard someone say that, I would tell them that it was the teachings of Falun Dafa that turned me into a good person.

A few years ago, one of my cousins had a few drinks, fell off his bike, and shattered his kneecap. The doctor said that he would have to rest for a couple of months.

My cousin was a firm believer in the Falun Dafa teachings and went to work as usual. His kneecap still healed and was as good as new.

In places where he worked, he wrote with a piece of chalk “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He would say, “This is how I can express my gratitude to the Master of Falun Dafa.”