(Minghui.org) We are involved in a truth-clarifying poster project in our area. It is an excellent way for people to learn the facts about Falun Dafa.

The posters also eliminate the evil in other dimensions. Every time we look at a poster we’ve just put up, we can sense the good energy it brings to those who see it.

All the practitioners who work on this project cooperate very well. Master arranged everything so we can improve our xinxing. Whenever our xinxing improves, we do better with the projects we are involved in.

The Minghui website provides very good materials for our project. It is very intuitive and comprehensive, with real pictures and a concise introduction.

It has information on Falun Dafa being practiced all over the world, on the April 25 Peaceful Appeal, on forced organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, and much more.

Master Uses a Stranger to Give Us a Hint

It was after 8 p.m. one night when we went out to put up the first of our six posters, but it was very hot and there were a lot of people about. Suddenly, someone came out of a home to dump a basin of water. He kept glancing at us, so we hesitated and wondered what to do.

Then the stranger said, “Put it up already. You’ve already smeared on the paste.”

So we did. I realized later that Master has always been watching over us. He had someone give us a hint, which encouraged us and eliminated our attachment to fear.

Helping While Listening to the Truth about Falun Dafa

We decided to put a second poster on a very busy street next to a construction site.

Just as we were about to put it up, a laborer from the construction site came over and asked us what we were doing.

“Sir,” said practitioner Amei, “we are putting up posters to let people know the truth about Falun Dafa.”

After we put up one poster, Amei gave the man another one and asked him to help us put it up. He knelt down and helped us put it up while Amei told him the facts about Falun Dafa.

Since then, we have put up posters every other week. Some practitioners who had concerns about posters got rid of their attachments and now work with us on this project.

Sometimes we argue, but then we look inward, adjust ourselves, and harmonize the whole body.

Failure to Pass a Test

There were posters everywhere, even one by Amei’s home. A neighbor told Amei’s mother-in-law that Amei might have put it up. Amei’s mother-in-law was not concerned and remarked that many people were putting up such posters.

However, Amei's husband, also a practitioner, complained about the poster near his home due to safety concerns. When Amei told me about this, I did not give it a second thought, and then we went out to put up posters.

When we walked into an alley, I realized that it was right next to a practitioner’s door and decided not to put one there.

Another practitioner said, “We should put it up, because we already picked the place. Don’t think too much!” Just then, some people walked by, so we didn’t put up the poster.

Later we discussed this, and I realized that I did not act based on the Fa. On the surface, I was trying to protect the practitioner. In fact, I had an attachment, and my belief in the Fa and Master was not strong enough.

What I heard at Amei's home was actually a test, and I failed to pass it.

These posters can clarify the truth, disintegrate the Party's lies, and deter evil. I really should not stop putting up posters due to my attachments.

From now on I will work with fellow practitioners and use my heart to put up each poster. We will carry out this project well.