(Minghui.org) I would like to say, during this 25th anniversary of Falun Dafa’s introduction to the world, simply, “Thank you Falun Dafa!”

Thank you for the good health you provided me during these 12 years of cultivation, even though I sometimes don’t exercise regularly. Twelve entire years have passed without my needing medical care or any kind of medication!

Thank you for providing me a deeper understanding of life and the universe!

Thank you for the sensation of relief, serenity, and unexplained joy I feel each time I read the Fa teachings with a calm and focused mind.

Thank you for tempering my character and heart. I have strived not to cause conflicts and arguments, or hurt people with my words... After encountering a tribulation, I thank Falun Dafa from deep inside because it continually helps me to be tolerant, rather than make the situation worse and more complicated!

Thank you for showing me the righteous path. It is truly a difficult path because being upright implies rejecting various temptations. However, even though it is difficult, knowing that we are on the right path provides an incomparable feeling of safety and confidence.

I was happy when a friend told me once, “I feel that when I close the eyes, you are the only spot of light in this messy society we are living in!” Other friends have also been touched this year by my behavior in certain situations, and admired my composure. I told them that it was Falun Dafa cultivation practice that helped me shape and temper my character, and helped me to be a better person!

Thank you for allowing me to see a bright and heavenly world through Shen Yun and among other diligent practitioners. I feel a warm light radiating from the people and within the air around them. This often pushed me to ask myself, “Why is it different from the pigments and the colors I see in the rest of the world, and in other shows? Why are the colors here different from the rest of the world – brighter and more beautiful?”

Thank you for allowing me to interact with other Falun Dafa practitioners, whom I find to be the kindest and purest people on earth. Whenever I deal with other fellow practitioners I am very confident, because I know that they are people with a good base, and who embrace kindness and moral values.

Thank you Falun Dafa for all the benefits I have experienced, and also those that I am not yet aware of due to my limited level of cultivation and understanding.

I cherish the predestined relationship I have with Dafa in this life and hope that more people learn about Falun Dafa in the Arab world where I live.

Thank you Esteemed Master! Thank you Falun Dafa!