(Minghui.org) Greetings to Master! Greetings to Falun Gong practitioners!

My wife has practiced Falun Gong for many years, but I haven't started practicing yet. When my wife discovered that non-practitioners could also submit articles for this year's World Falun Dafa Day, she encouraged me to write about my experiences.

Getting to Know the Truth

I have been a government official ever since I was young man. To survive in the communist party system, I had to entertain officials, which involved drinking a lot of alcohol almost every day. I developed hypertension and heart disease. When I was 30, my illnesses worsened. My diastolic blood pressure reading was as high as 140, and my systolic reading was 170 to 180 (the normal reading should be 120 and 80). I did blood dilution when I was not even 40. I had to take medication three times a day. My doctor suggested that I do nothing but lie in bed to recover. That was impossible as I was the associate village mayor and interacting with people and drinking was my job.

My wife worried about me, as she couldn't imagine how bad my health might be when I got old. Luckily, I was transferred to the city. The situation was only slightly better, as entertaining was still not avoidable. As time went by, my diseases worsened. My complexion was always dark.

Later, my wife started practicing Falun Dafa. Influenced by her, I gradually learned about cultivation practice. After I watched many truth-clarifying videos, I realized how the communist party framed and slandered Dafa, and I got to know how wonderful Falun Dafa was. My health also improved.

Offering Help Whenever I Can

My wife set up a truth-clarifying materials production center at our home. She prepared a lot of materials. Practitioners often came to offer help and I always welcomed them. I often bought extra food and invited them to eat with us. I knew this was not easy for them and I wanted to help in any way I could.

I was kept up-to-date about information from the police department since my department is under the police department. Once, our local 610 Office wanted me to be transferred to their office. I refused and another young man went instead. The young man often visited and told me how the 610 Office persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners.

One day he told me that our city’s 610 Office was planning an event to frame and arrest Falun Dafa practitioners. I immediately told a practitioner who immediately sent the information to Minghui.net. It was published the next day, their plot was exposed, and the scheme had to be canceled.

Blessed by Dafa

Since then, my health has improved more and more. My face was no longer so dark and instead, I developed a rosy complexion. I felt very good. My wife that said this was because I did good things for Dafa and I was blessed.

Sometimes I watched videos of Master's lectures with my wife. As I watched, I saw that Master's body was shining with a golden light—it was so strong that I couldn't keep my eyes open. I tried to use my hands to block some of the light. My wife asked me what was going on. Although I watched videos for a while, I still couldn't practice cultivation, but I often remembered what Master taught.

One day as I was crossing the road on my bicycle, I was struck by a taxi. My legs and hip were hurt. The driver was worried and asked me if I was all right. I told him I was fine and that he could leave. He was so concerned that he almost cried. I gradually stood up on my own. “Remember,” I said to him, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good.”

Another time, I was hit by an elderly motorist and I reacted the same way. He held my hands tightly. “I know, I know. Falun Gong is good,” he said. “People practice Falun Gong near my house.” He thought I was a practitioner.

Helping My Wife Clarify the Truth

In 2005 when the movement to quit the Chinese Communist Party started, I declared that I quit the CCP on The Epoch Times website. After I read more truth-clarifying materials, I understood more clearly how evil the CCP is. When my wife was persuading others to quit the CCP, I would go with her. I would say to people, “I quit even though I'd been a party member for dozens of years. Why don't you quit?” I successfully persuaded a number of people to quit.

Once, posters slandering Falun Dafa appeared in our neighborhood. My wife went out at night to remove them. The next day more appeared. My wife decided once more to go out at night to remove them. I worried about her safety and tried to stop her. Then I saw a golden Falun spinning in front of me. My wife couldn't see it. I realized that I should not stop my wife. The Falun disappeared after 20 minutes. I went out with my wife to help take down the posters. That night, we removed almost all the slanderous posters.

The next day, slanderous posts appeared again. We found out which group was doing this and we put up truth-clarifying posters at that office and at the buildings nearby. We also sent truth-clarifying materials to the head of that unit. Since then, no more such posters have appeared.

Last year, many practitioners were illegally arrested and sent to detention centers, including my wife. I tried to get help from insiders and at the same time prayed to Master every day. Soon my wife was released. The insider offered no help at all—it was Master who helped. To avoid my wife being harassed by local police again, I retired from my work so that if anyone came to our house, I would be at home to help my wife.

Since those arrests, some practitioners would no longer come to our home and others came less frequently. As a materials production center, we still had to produce large amounts of truth-clarifying materials, so I decided to help my wife. Sometimes I would work for 14 to 15 hours continuously, but I never complained. I wanted to do something for Falun Dafa.

We needed many one-yuan bills to write truth-clarifying messages on the bills. It was not easy to get a large amount of small bills. We had to go to street vendors one by one to ask them for small bills. Our faith moved a mountain. We believed it was Master who arranged for us to get to know a fellow whose job was dealing with changing money, especially one-yuan bills. He could supply as much as we needed. We never had to worry about getting small bills any more.

I am now 60 years old, but I am healthier than when I was young. My blood pressure is normal and my heart disease is gone. I do not take medication any more.

While I help my wife making truth-clarifying materials, I occasionally read Dafa books with her and listen when she tells me about what will happen in the future. Actually, I do not fully understand nor do I fully believe, but I know that Falun Gong is wonderful and I will try my best to speak up for Falun Gong.

Thank you, Master Li Hongzhi. Thank you, all Falun Gong practitioners and friends.