(Minghui.org) I have read experience-sharing articles on the Minghui website, written by many practitioners, about reciting the Fa (Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa). They have been a great inspiration to me. I would like to share my similar experiences.

I am a disciple who began practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. After the persecution of Falun Gong was launched by Jiang's regime, I was illegally detained in brainwashing centers and forced-labor camps, and sentenced to imprisonment for a total of nine years and seven months. I endured the most evil, despicable torture and persecution. Dafa helped me get through this persecution with righteous thoughts. I deeply know how precious Dafa is.

Reciting the Fa

After being released from the forced labor camp in 2006, I tried to study the Fa as much as possible, but intense sleepiness interfered with me. I tried to eliminate it, but my mind wasn’t calm when I studied, and I was very anxious. I also knew that other practitioners were reciting the Fa from memory, but I was afraid my memory was not good enough. I finally eliminated this notion and became determined to recite the Fa.

Memorizing was difficult in the beginning, and it took me several hours to be able to recite a short paragraph from memory. I sometimes couldn’t finish reciting one page after trying for more than 10 hours. After I finished one paragraph, I recited the next paragraph. It took me six months to finish the nine lectures. Regardless of how slow I was, I never wanted to give up. The more I recited, the more I absorbed. It was much better than reading for half a day but not fully taking in what I read. The second time, it took me three months to recite the Fa, and it took me a month and a half to recite it the third time. By September 2008 I had recited the Fa 12 times.

Feeling the Power of the Fa

Although I was not aware of any immediate physical or mental changes from reciting the Fa repeatedly, I could feel the power of the Fa. After I had recited it twelve times, in 2008, the Fa gave me strong righteous thoughts. When I was facing persecution, I was less fearful.

After I had recited the third lecture for the thirteenth time in 2008, I was arrested again and illegally sentenced to prison for four years. I was initially taken to the Province brainwashing center, but the guards were not able to force me to give up my belief. I was then taken to a detention center, and then to prison. In the prison, I did not answer when my name was announced at roll-call. I didn’t “report,” and I didn’t do slave labor. I didn’t do anything that prisoners do. The evil could do nothing.

Following my release from prison in 2012, personnel from the 610 Office took me to a brainwashing center, but the center tried to reject me and urged the 610 Office to take me back, because the brainwashing center authorities didn't think they could ever succeed in forcing me to renounce Falun Gong.

I knew I still had many strong attachments, like a fighting mentality, resentment, etc., which were taken advantage of by the old forces and caused me to be detained. However, my fears were greatly alleviated.

I eventually returned home in November 2012, and I resumed reciting the Fa. I recited six pages every day, and then studied some of Master’s new articles.

I began reciting multiple paragraphs in 2016. When I felt I was not accurate, I looked in Zhuan Falun to check myself. I then started reciting three lectures every day. I purchased a recording pen in 2017, and recorded myself as I recited, then compared it with the book. If I make a mistake, I corrected it. I can now recite in my Fa study group. I still sometimes make mistakes, but not too many.

As I have kept reciting the Fa, my practice environment has also become very good. My two children work in other cities, and my grandchildren are already taken care of. So I can concentrate on practicing and doing the three things with my whole heart every day. This year my wages were resumed after being withheld for many years. With 4,000 yuan per month, my source of income is now guaranteed.

As I have continued reciting the Fa, the effects of my clarifying the truth have also improved. With Master's strengthening, I helped nine people to start practicing Falun Dafa after my release in 2012. I also helped some former practitioners who had abandoned the practice to come back.

My appearance has also greatly changed. I am sixty-nine years old, but my hair is black again, my wrinkles have lessened, my age spots are almost all faded, and my skin is delicate and rosy.

Many people comment that I look good in whatever I wear. Those who resisted Dafa before can’t help but ask me why I look so young. I always answer naturally, “It’s because of Dafa cultivation. Dafa is so good. Please do not listen to the lies.”

Master said:

“...the appearance stems from the mind...” (“Fa Teaching Given at the Epoch Times Meeting”)

My understanding is that with more Fa in the mind, more beauty will emerge from within.