(Minghui.org) I would like to share with fellow practitioners how I have grown in my cultivation.

Eliminating attachments and cultivating more diligently

When I first learned Dafa in 1997, I had lots of attachments and human notions. I decided to keep a daily reflection journal in order to watch for my attachments in daily life and eliminate them.

My physical health improved very quickly after I began to cultivate in Dafa. In less than a month, all my physical issues, including allergies, severe menstrual cramps, and chronic coughs were healed. I canceled my regular check-ins with the doctor of Chinese medicine and stopped taking the herbal medicines that I had been on for years.

I used to be fond of watching TV dramas. Ever since I joined group Fa-study, I let go of my ordinary human habits.

I also joined the online team to clarify the facts of Falun Gong to mainland Chinese. However, when I spent all my time after work online, it became difficult for me to have time to join the group study. I felt empty for a period of time not having the opportunity to share with fellow practitioners.

Master wants us to share our cultivation experiences together to establish a solid foundation for us to improve. When I share with fellow practitioners, I often remind myself to share what will be helpful for fellow practitioners and, at the same time, avoid any intent to show off. Through sharing with fellow practitioners, I found out that I had wrongfully believed that I was better than others, and that I had better enlightenment and fewer attachments. I learned that cultivating in Dafa means that when I genuinely consider others before myself, I can become more mature and do a better job. It is like what Master said: “Dafa is harmonizing you and you are also harmonizing Dafa.” (“The Fa Rectifies the Human Heart,” Essentials for Further Advancement) (verified: http://en.falundafa.org/eng/jjyz69.htm)

I established a group exercise site in 1999 and hosted our group at my home to study the Fa together. We also held nine-day lecture classes in my living room.

We grew from one exercise site in Neili District to what is now eight in a short period of time. They eventually grew to a total of eighty practice sites in Taoyuan City. My house is located in the center of Taoyuan, so practitioners from different parts of the city come to our group Fa-study. Together, we work on our problems in our life and work and also help one another resolving issues and conflicts among practitioners.

On holidays and weekends, we go to various places to tell people the facts of Falun Dafa and teach people the exercises. We are very happy for the opportunities to help more people learn Falun Dafa. Participating in these activities also help us in our personal cultivation.

Dafa books are now being sold in most bookstores in Taiwan. As a result, more and more people have begun to cultivate in Dafa. The number of practice sites is growing rapidly, and there are already over 700 practitioners in Taoyuan alone.

As the persecution continued, I began to collaborate with local practitioners to use different means to send truth-clarifying materials to help mainland Chinese understand the facts of Falun Gong and help end the persecution. We make phone calls, send faxes, use the Internet and direct mail, and also go to tourist sites to help mainland Chinese learn the facts of Falun Dafa. I sometimes talk to people until after midnight, but I was full of energy the next day at work.

Cultivating as a volunteer coordinator

In 2000, I became the volunteer coordinator in Taoyuan County. In 2001, I also began coordinating activities for the Taozhumiao practice site. As I work on Dafa projects along with a regular day job, sometimes I must handle urgent matters quickly. I learned over time how to solve issues in more efficient ways while still keeping myself calm and clear-headed.

I often ponder how to improve together with fellow practitioners and do Dafa work well. I am fortunate to have been given the opportunities to coordinate many Dafa projects. My xinxing has been tempered, however. I have broken through tests and learned to cultivate more diligently. I am confident that, without cultivating in Dafa, I would not have been able to do all the tasks and carry out my responsibilities well.

Our local fellow practitioners know to search inside when conflicts occur, and harmonize our environment. By helping one another, our paths are clear of obstacles. As a group, we have broken through difficulties and accomplished many truth-clarifying tasks. For example, without any experience, we have successfully held press conferences, experience sharing conferences, and Zhen-Shan-Ren Art exhibits. We have also promoted and sponsored Shen Yun Performing Arts shows.

Improving together with fellow practitioners is my priority in cultivation, so when fellow practitioners misunderstand me, I use the Fa to measure myself and the matter. I learned from one incident that avoiding direct conflict with fellow practitioners may not be good enough.

Understanding the issue from the fellow practitioner’s perspective and being compassionate with the practitioners are crucial me as I strive to help the group improve as a whole. My own losses and gains are nothing compared to our group's improvement as a whole.

I still feel disappointed sometimes if fellow practitioners do not treat me fairly. I have learned over time not to be affected by any negative attitudes towards me since I know that it is the uncultivated side of fellow practitioners being presented at the moment.

Being a coordinator, I learned to use my words wisely and watch what I say. To avoid confusion, I ought not say anything that had not been confirmed. I learned that talking too much might unintentionally harm others and thus create conflicts among practitioners.

Master said, “They are in a state of immense tolerance, of mercy toward all beings, and of being able to understand everything with kindness.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston”)

I learned to be more compassionate with fellow practitioners and not to hold any grudges against any fellow practitioner. There was nothing that could not be forgiven. A positive mentality helped me keep my mind clean and peaceful so that I could focus on more important matters.

I have obtained so much wisdom from Dafa, and my vision has been widened. When I communicate with people, I can naturally tell them my thoughts. When I memorize the Fa, I learn how to use the right logic and words to explain ordinary matters and human relationships in more depth.

Right before the 25th anniversary of Dafa's introduction to the world, I am full of gratitude and respect for Master. I am thankful for the mightiness of Dafa for helping me to elevate to higher levels, both physically and mentally. I am respectful of Master’s boundless virtue and wisdom, which have brought forth the true nature of countless sentient beings. Heaven and earth will soon become harmonized.

To conclude, I would like to use Master’s poem from Hong Yin to remind myself to cultivate more diligently:

“Grand Vow and Great Wish”

Having gone through life’s vicissitudes,the grand wish is fulfilled.Months and years have passed,in the span of but one thought.