Righteous Thoughts

They surge like thunderbolts to cosmic heightsRoaring with colossal power, they reach beyond the heavensThey sweep across the cosmos, no crevice left untouchedEliminating at once all that’s degenerate and deviant

Li HongzhiFebruary 13, 2014


I didn’t think about it deeply when I first read Master’s poem “Righteous Thoughts.” However, when I read it again recently, I had a deeper understanding. I came to the enlightenment that Master was describing in the poem what happens in other dimensions if we maintain strong righteous thoughts.

I trust most practitioners are just like me, cultivating with their third eyes closed. As a result, we cannot really see what happens in other dimensions and are quick to doubt our righteous thoughts’ effects.

Re-reading the poem made me realize that if we have strong enough righteous thoughts, we will feel what’s described in the poem, even if our third eyes remain closed. To put it differently, whether we trust our righteous thoughts’ effect is a matter of whether we believe in Master and the Fa.

Master has unlocked our supernatural capabilities, and each of us who has cultivated for years has already developed strong divine power. I still can’t see anything with my third eye, yet I’ve felt what Master says in Zhuan Falun,

“In different dimensions, and in terms of the body’s forms of existence in different dimensions, there will be quite a lot of changes. The things this body carries in each dimension will be quite substantial and appear scary. Some people have eyes all over their bodies, and all the sweat pores in their bodies will become eyes. There will be eyes within this person’s entire dimensional field. Because it is gong from the Buddha School, some people will carry the appearance of Bodhisattva or Buddha all over their bodies. All forms of gong will have reached a very substantial extent. In addition, many living beings will manifest themselves.” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun)

Doing Falun Gong exercises is a process to strengthen our supernatural capabilities, which are our weapons as we work to eliminate the evil in other dimensions. Clearing our own minds before sending forth righteous thoughts is also readying our “weapons” to deter interference. The more we can clear out our impure thoughts, the more weapons we have at our disposal and the better we can utilize them.

So my renewed understanding of the poem is that the power of our righteous thoughts all comes down to how much we believe in Master and the Fa. If we trust what Master describes in the poem and other writings, we can indeed feel the power of our righteous thoughts.