(Minghui.org) Shen Yun offers a great opportunity for practitioners to help Master save sentient beings, and people all look forward to seeing it every year.

Master has arranged every seat in the theater for a specific person that needs to be saved. Master gives us this opportunity to build our mighty virtue as we deliver the message and save people.

Ticket promotion in New York was difficult a few years ago. The coordinators were worried, so they encouraged practitioners to buy tickets. I heard coordinators at group Fa-study urging practitioners to buy the tickets on more than one occasion. When they tried to estimate how many tickets would be sold, they often included the number of local practitioners. They believed that all practitioners should see Shen Yun and would buy tickets.

All practitioners love watching Shen Yun. In New York, every practitioner watches at least one show, and some practitioners have, in the past, even watched all the shows. In our mind, we had this idea: we must watch at least one show every year.

Later, after Master taught the Fa about Shen Yun, most practitioners no longer purchased tickets way before the show. Instead, they bought tickets at the box office right before the shows were about to start, so that more everyday people would have a chance to get tickets. Some practitioners still booked tickets weeks before the show. But as soon as they learned that everyday people needed the tickets, they would offer their tickets up for them.

Some practitioners however still didn't want to give up their tickets. Consequently, some everyday people with predestined relationships with Shen Yun could not get tickets. The seats arranged by Master for these people were occupied by practitioners, and people missed their chance to be saved.

“I need to see Shen Yun,” some practitioners have this attachment. So do some coordinators. This is a loophole. We should consider the sentient beings, and save the seats for them, because this is what Master wants. We should act like cultivators. If we have the notion: “Dafa practitioners need to watch Shen Yun. Nobody should stop us, and seats should be saved for practitioners,” then the old forces will take advantage of this loophole and interfere with us.

I've also found that during Shen Yun promotion, some practitioners like to compare our achievements to what we have achieved before. If we sell more tickets than before, some practitioners believe we have improved and feel satisfied. Some practitioners treat “reaching the number last year” as the goal for this year, and ignore the requirements from the Fa and Master.

I would like to remind fellow practitioners: during Shen Yun promotion, our minds must be pure and righteous. We should not make obstacles for ourselves.