(Minghui.org) I recently studied Master's lecture from Touring North America to Teach the Fa:

“During this Fa-rectification period, in particular, Dafa disciples' karma is no longer an issue. You must consciously and clearly recognize the evil beings' persecution. They're truly doing bad things. It's best that Dafa disciples walk their own paths righteously and not allow the evil to seize any excuse to persecute you.”

I was very touched by this passage. I have witnessed some of my fellow practitioners who didn't walk their paths righteously, resulting in serious persecution. I'm writing this to caution everyone and to minimize our losses so we can save more sentient beings.

Example 1: Focused on Buying an Apartment

I had known practitioner Y for many years before she passed away. She had uterine cancer and received treatment, but after she started practicing Falun Gong, she enjoyed good health. Her daughter also became a practitioner because of her. They both did the three things very well and persuaded many people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its associated organizations.

They were well off financially, but very frugal. They wanted to save money for their own apartment. They had been renting from practitioner Y's husband's employer, but she wanted her own apartment very much.

When her husband's work unit had some apartments for sale, they didn't get one. Practitioner Y and her daughter went to argue with the person in charge. The daughter told me that Y fell in the sales office and hurt herself.

Other than routine expenses of her in-laws and the local materials production site, she was not willing to pay anything else to her husband's family. Once they went back to his hometown, he ran out of money. He asked her for some, but she refused. The husband had to ask the daughter to wire him some money.

I tried to help her understand that her husband had a right to his money and to spend it the way he wanted. But she always said, “We need to save money for our apartment, because as retirees, we won't be able to borrow money.”

In 2012, they were finally able to purchase a new apartment from her husband's employer. They had just found a contractor to renovate the apartment and purchased furniture and appliances when she fell “ill.” In fact, shortly after her husband took her to the hospital, she passed away.

She was so preoccupied with owing an apartment, yet she was not able to live in it for a single day. Her premature death broke my heart. Perhaps because she was so attached to money and housing, the old forces found a reason not to let her live in her new apartment.

Whenever I thought about this, I felt that I did not fulfill my responsibility. Although I tried to talk to her, I did not manage to help her get rid of her attachments and walk her path righteously.

Example 2. A Hunchback and a Lame Leg

Practitioner L is 75-years-old and started to practice Falun Dafa before 1999. She has been doing the three things consistently. However, in 2013 her back started to hunch and drop to one side, and her left leg became lame.

I then started to study the Fawith her. She told me that she had placed her Dafa books in a drawer underneath her bed. When a fellow practitioner pointed it out to her that this was inappropriate, she moved them and corrected the situation.

While I was studying the Fa with her, I noticed that she had many issues with putting Master and the Fa in the right place. For example: putting Dafa books on her stool or her blanket; putting her reading glasses on Dafa books; crossing her legs when reading the Fa; licking her finger before turning the page of the books; folding the corner of the pages or using a random piece of paper such as a ticket as a bookmark; picking her nose before studying the Fa; using a clip for the pages that she had finished memorizing; and never addressing Master as Shifu. She had called Master Teacher until recently.

Whenever I observed something inappropriate, I reminded her to be respectful of Master and the Fa, and I printed many articles on this issue from the Minghui site. She has since changed a lot.

When she was so disrespectful of Master and the Fa, I thought the old forces would have many excuses to persecute her.

Example 3. Suffering from Dementia and Loss of Speech

Practitioner Q is in her 70s and has a truth-clarification materials production site in her home.

She had been very energetic until 2016, when she was riding with her ex-husband on his motorcycle. The motorcycle flipped and she hurt her head. She suffered loss of memory and could not even recognize fellow practitioners. Later her memory slowly came back, but she could not speak.

According to other practitioners, she and her husband divorced, but then got back together. She intended to go through the marriage process again, but he refused because he was ashamed of remarrying at his age.

The ex-husband had a clothing business. A few years ago, he was trying to clear out some pants that had not sold very well. Practitioner Q took them to fellow practitioners and sold them at 15 yuan each. Although it was cheap and the fellow practitioners thought that it was reasonable, she in fact used practitioners for the man's business. She said to me that she wanted to sell them to some wholesaler. When the wholesaler only offered her two yuan, she refused.

What she did was really not consistent with the Fa. They were not things that practitioners should do. The reason that she lost her memory and speech could be that she did not walk her path righteously and was taken advantage of.

I hope that other practitioners will not make the same mistakes. We should walk our paths righteously so the old forces will have no excuses to persecute us. We should do the three things well and save more sentient beings so Master does not have to worry about us.