(Minghui.org) I'm a businessman from Beijing. I had previously spent a lot of money inviting Feng Shui masters to help my business run well and ensure safety. I also displayed a statue of the “God of Wealth” at my company and worshiped it every day. However, the business was not doing well.

In addition, I had developed many illnesses, including stomach problems and diabetes, and relied on daily medication.

I hired an assistant manger in April 2015. After working with her for a while, I felt that she was very righteous and capable. I could hardly believe that there were still people like that in today's society. She treated everyone equally, and everyone she came in contact with praised her. She did everything well!

I soon learned that she practiced Falun Gong. She told me a lot about the true facts of Falun Gong. Although I had resistance in my heart, I knew she was such a good person. I let her continue her practice and did not interfere.

In an attempt to reverse the company's bad situation and improve staff retention, I proposed that she take over managing the company. She proposed some conditions: She wouldn't do anything immoral, wouldn't accept any bribes, and if money needed to be returned to a client, then it must be returned. I agreed to the conditions, and she signed a contract.

The first thing she did was to get rid of the statue of the God of Wealth. I went crazy afterwards and ordered her to get it back. She looked at me, smiling. When I settled down, she said calmly, “Thank you! I know you feel you are doing it for my benefit. You're worried that I cannot make money for the company. However, I am doing something for your benefit too. You may not understand it now, but you will know it in the future. Please observe the company's revenue, and if it continues to decline, I will let you do whatever you want. If the revenue improves, we can then have a chat.”

I could no longer argue with her. I began quietly monitoring the company's performance. As expected, under her leadership, the company made two or three times the previous profits. In the meantime, she told me more about the truth of Falun Gong and the persecution. I loved listening to everything she said, and I believed that what she said was true.

When she and I watched Master Li's Guangzhou lecture video, my stomach stopped hurting, and my other ailments also disappeared.

I now not only know that Falun Gong is good, but I'm also practicing it.

In a few months, I have changed from one who was living a dissolute life, to a cultivator who considers others first. My company has changed from one that nearly closed, to being in the top ten in the field. This experience proved that only Falun Gong can truly benefit society and ensure blessings for people.

Going forward, I not only want to continue practicing Falun Gong, but to also encourage my family, as well as my friends to learn the practice and help more people understand the truth. Falun Gong is so good!