(Minghui.org) My husband, my daughter, and I had health problems before we practiced Falun Dafa. Now we have not only become healthy but also good people.

Family Struggles

We are a low-income family, but we still sent our daughter to certain schools and classes, hoping she would get a better start in life. Unfortunately, she did not do well at school, and for years that was a great disappointment for me.

My daughter also had stomach problems for several years and had to get injections frequently. In sixth grade, she missed most of the school year due to severe stomachaches. She was diagnosed with duodenal stasis, and the doctor suggested surgery.

My sister-in-law practices Falun Dafa, which was responsible for her overcoming multiple illnesses. But I was not convinced that it was any better than other physical exercises. I was put off by the commercial activities of many temples that make money selling blessings. Therefore, I agreed for my daughter to have surgery.

After the surgery, the doctor told us that she would have to depend on liquid food and that her growth might be delayed. Her performance in school was even poorer as a result of this difficult year.

A year later, my daughter’s duodenal stasis returned, and doctors advised that she have another operation. But we decided against it.

Then my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and his doctor suggested he go on insulin. Being only in his 40s, my husband refused to agree.

Learning Dafa

My husband and I discussed many times what to do next. We had financial difficulties and were stressed out, which created even more tension. We finally decided to try Falun Dafa, despite the fact that it was being persecuted.

We visited my sister-in-law on April 8, 2012, and asked her to teach it to us. She told us that Falun Dafa is not taught for the purpose of healing people, but to help them become kinder. She recommended that we watch Master's lecture videos before we decided to take up the practice.

Once home, we watched one lecture a day. On the eighth day my husband went to the hospital to have his blood sugar level checked. We were amazed to learn that his levels had dropped to within the normal range.

But we were especially surprised because he had not yet decided to practice Dafa; he had only watched the lectures. Dafa did what medicine could not do for my husband. My husband was able to eat fruit and desserts that he had avoided since his diagnosis.

I had suffered from an irregular heartbeat and other ailments. After we started watching Master's lectures, all my symptoms were gone.

My daughter's health dramatically changed as well. She no longer had stomachaches and she could eat regular food. Eventually she grew strong and tall. She became very understanding, worked hard at school, and got good grades.

My husband also changed. He was the youngest in his family and was thus spoiled. He gambled and was addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. He used to avoid any kind of work. His supervisor pretty much gave up on him, and no group wanted to have him as a team member. After practicing Dafa, he would accept any assignment and look to help others finish their work. He even volunteered for assignments that nobody else wanted.

Validating Dafa

People were surprised to see the changes in my family. I work as a custodian at the hospital, and my husband and daughter used to have to see the doctors there very often. The doctors and nurses wondered why they no longer came to visit. I told them that they both recovered fully after they began to practice Falun Dafa.

“It's even true that you recovered by practicing Falun Dafa,” the head nurse said. “But you shouldn't be saying that aloud. The Party is still in control, and you need to be careful.”

“You know my family well,” I said. “And you know how sick we were. Now we are healthy, and yet we are not allowed to tell people about the practice? The Party forces us to lie, but Dafa teaches us to be truthful. Can you tell me which is better?”

When people asked my husband what changed him, he told them how he became a Falun Dafa practitioner. His colleagues then told him that he was dumb for not trying to avoid hard work.

“You like the old me,” he told them, “the one who was lazy and drank and smoked. Now I’ve quit drinking, smoking, and gambling, and I focus instead on work and caring for others. But you don't like the new me? Isn't this the problem in a society controlled by the communist party?”

Now, most his colleagues accept that Falun Dafa is good and have withdrawn from the Party and it youth organizations.