(Minghui.org) Ms. Qu Shuxia is a Falun Gong practitioner from the Fangzheng Forestry Bureau Area. After being arrested, she was secretly tried by a local court and sentenced to four years and ten months in prison on April 21, 2017. Her family members were not allowed to attend the trial.

While distributing truth-clarifying desk calendars and talking about Falun Gong with people on the street, Ms. Qu was reported to police and arrested on the morning of December 7, 2016. Police ransacked her home and confiscated her Falun Gong books and other personal belongings. She was held for 15 days and then transferred to Jiamusi No.1 Detention Center.

Previous Persecution

Ms. Qu has been imprisoned several times for refusing to renounce Falun Gong.

She was arrested in November 2000 by officers from Nanshan Police Station and sent to Fangzheng Forestry Bureau Detention Center, where she was held for more than a year. She was freed from detention only after she developed symptoms of severe high blood pressure.

However, two months later, Ms. Qu was again taken to a detention center and accused of promoting Falun Gong. Shi Qinglin, head of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, directed the police in her arrest.

At the detention center, Ms. Qu and other practitioners continued practicing the daily Falun Gong exercises. Whenever guards Zhang Xueshan, Li Yingtao, or Gu Dejun saw them doing the exercises, they poured cold water over the practitioners. This happened several days in a row. Thus, their clothes and bed covers were thoroughly soaked; the women had to sleep on the wet beds.

Ms. Qu was transferred to Huangjia Compound, where she was violently beaten by Li Jian from the 610 Office. She started a hunger strike to protest the mistreatment. As a result, she was taken to the Fanglin Hospital, where she was force-fed through a nasal tube.

In July or August 2003, Ms Qu and two other practitioners managed to escape from the detention center. After moving from place to place to avoid detection, she was arrested in Yingkou, Liaoning Province.

She was held in the Dashiqiao Detention Center for 18 days and then transferred to the notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp No.1 Division, where she was held for 4 months and 15 days. During this time, she was locked to a bench for seven days and seven nights and not allowed to sleep.

Ms. Qu was later sent to the No.2 Division at Masanjia, where she was tortured. Because she refused to do slave labor or wear an inmate uniform, the guards twisted one of her wrists so hard that it broke. They forced her to eat food containing nerve-damaging medication. She lost a tooth when guard Wang beat her.

After her blood pressure rose to a dangerous level, she was released on bail on April 17, 2006. However, two agents watched her closely after she returned home.

Police officers broke into her home on October 11, 2015. They combed through her belongings and took snapshots of a portrait of Master Hongzhi Li, the founder of Falun Gong, and an image of the Falun emblem.

Ms. Qu remains held at Jiamusi No.1 Detention Center.

Perpetrators' contact information:Lu Tonghe (鲁统和), head of Fangzheng County Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-13069898658Wang Qingwen (王清文), head of Fangzheng Forestry Bureau: +86-13804519333Zhang Jiquan (张继权), head of Fangzheng Police Department: +86- 18714439999