(Minghui.org) My previous roommate, who was not a Falun Gong practitioner, was about to get married and moved out, so I needed to find someone else to share the rent.

I wanted to find a practitioner this time, and thought that it would be much better than living with an everyday person. So I invited a practitioner named Mei Mei to move in with me.

Actually, Mei Mei was not the ideal roommate I wished for. This is partly due to some rumors I had heard, and partly because of our age gap of over 20 years. Yet I knew that it was a path arranged by Master that we should live together.

Exposed Flaws

When I was living with my previous roommate, I studied the Fa, attended the Fa study group, occasionally practiced the exercises, and tried my best to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong. I felt that I was a diligent practitioner. Yet, after Mei Mei moved in, all my flaws were exposed.

Conflicts began just a few days after Mei Mei moved in. Since I was neither disciplined nor diligent in my daily cultivation, I could not adjust to the high standards of this practitioner.

I did not get up when she asked me to. Thus, she quoted Master, “When a wiseperson hears the Tao, this person will practice it diligently.” (Zhuan Falun) Then, she continued, “Get up quickly!”

This was actually Master helping me eliminate my laziness and attachment to comfort.

Living with Mei Mei was not easy. I opposed everything she said, because I felt that she was going to extremes. Actually, this was because of my superficial understanding of the Fa. Many of my human attachments, such as jealousy, a competitive mentality, and reluctance to listen to others' criticism were exposed.

Eliminating Many Bad Habits

Mei Mei then said that there were unwanted things in my room, and she could not concentrate on the Fa. I was quite upset when I heard her say this.

“This room is quite clean,” I said. “I sit in full lotus position every day after work, reading the Fa intently, and I can concentrate on every word. How come you can’t concentrate?” I did not like her reply and said, “Whenever I come home, you claim that you were interfered with by this or that.”

I felt that she was blaming my room for her inability to concentrate. I wondered, “Why do practitioners need to care so much about these minor details? Our environment was cleaned by Master long ago!”

Refraining from taking criticism and refusing to heed advice are typical traits of jealousy. My competitive mentality and other human thoughts hindered my path to improve.

Yet, because of living with Mei Mei, the amount of Fa I studied increased tremendously. I also eliminated many human attachments.

I've stopped wearing outlandish clothes and chasing after the latest fashion. I now follow a more traditional, tasteful dress code. I am determined to be a true practitioner, one that cultivates diligently. In the meantime, I also eliminated my attachment to fear, the reluctance to look inwards, and the tendency to criticize others.

Meaning of Cultivation Becoming Clearer

Master knows of my shortcomings, so apart from hinting to me through the Fa, He will also hint to me in other ways when I am unable to overcome an obstacle.

Before I lived with Mei Mei, I had a dream. Master called my name and told me to cultivate diligently. He said that the path he arranged for me is to improve: I needed to eliminate human thoughts and get rid of unwanted things.

I am immensely grateful to Mei Mei! Of course, she has also eliminated many attachments and let go of various human thoughts. We both, in fact, have improved our xinxing.

After having gotten rid of many of our ordinary notions, Mei Mei and I cooperate better, which serves to strengthen our Fa-validation efforts.

Now, we are truly working together as practitioners. Before that, I was busy with the concerns of ordinary society, so I had to squeeze in time to study the Fa, send righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth. Now it is just the opposite. Whenever things don’t go my way, I no longer get upset. Instead, I reflect inwards and improve my own character.

The meaning of cultivation has become much clearer in my mind!