(Minghui.org) “Aimei” is an 80-year -old practitioner who lives in the same city I do. She had been suffering from mild edema and, in the course of our experience sharing discussions, I learned that she had a keen interest in herbal supplements. She believed such herbal supplements were not medication and would benefit her health if she used them. She continued to take them daily.

As genuine Dafa practitioners cultivating towards high levels, high-energy matter accumulates and gradually replaces the normal cells in the human body. Herbal tonics or medicines have no effect on a practitioner.

After discussing it several times, Aimei said that she would give up her attachment to them. However, she continued to take them secretly. Ultimately, her body swelled so badly that she became bedridden.

Another practitioner alerted me to her worsening condition and asked me to attend a Fa study session at Aimei’s house. I informed her that Aimei’s attachment to herbal supplements was the likely cause of her condition and that my earlier advice to her had fallen on deaf ears.

This practitioner convinced me that, out of compassion, I should continue to help Aimei, so I agreed to accompany her to Aimei’s home.

When we got there, we began to study the Fa. We had barely started when I began to experience breathlessness and swelling around my belly. Sensing that something was amiss, I quickly excused myself and left. On the way home, I puzzled over my predicament. Why was I exhibiting the same symptoms as Aimei? I searched inwards and realized that my motive for helping her had been inappropriately based on the human emotion of pity. I had not held myself to the standards of the Fa.

The swelling persisted, but I refused to give in to the evil forces and silently declared my intent to deny their interference and eliminate them completely. Unable to sleep or eat, I spent the night studying the Fa and doing the exercises. In the morning I headed out to do truth clarification work.

As the days went by, the swelling, along with my suffering, continued unabated. At one point, I seriously considered asking Master for help. When I had that thought, I immediately realized that I could not bear to add to Master’s burden. Master has already borne so much suffering on behalf of Dafa disciples. I was too ashamed to ask him for help. I resolved to overcome this tribulation on my own and continued to diligently do the three things well and ignore my condition as best as I could.

A few days later, Aimei called and informed me of the death of Ms. Bai. Like Aimei, Ms. Bai also suffered from severe edema. Prior to her death, fellow practitioners had visited Ms. Bai and advised her to seek medical treatment. Initially she was determined to uphold Dafa and refused to go along with their suggestion. Eventually however, their advice got the best of her. She gave in and sought emergency treatment at the hospital. That was where she died.

From this incident, I realized that a practitioner’s mindset can influence the result and produce different consequences. Ms. Bai’s story only strengthened my belief in Master and the Fa. My life belongs to Master, so I decided to leave my fate in his hands, while denying further interference from the old forces and evil factors. I spent more time sending forth righteous thoughts and continued to diligently do the three things well .

Things finally changed two months later. One night, I fell asleep and entered a dreamlike state. I clearly saw a ten-foot-tall creature lying dead on the ground. Its whole body was white as gypsum. Its head resembled that of a skeleton. I was shocked! Suddenly wide awake, I realized that the dead creature must be the evil entity responsible for our illnesses. With Master's guidance and help, the evil being had finally been eradicated.

Right after this, I began to vomit a milky white substance. This went on till the swelling went down the following day. With Master’s help, I successfully overcame this life-threatening tribulation.

From this experience, I firmly believe that, as long as practitioners remain steadfast in their belief in Master and the Fa, they will be able to overcome all tribulations and make breakthroughs in their cultivation levels.