(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for 10 years. At the beginning, I was not very serious. However, after I read stories on how other practitioners helped save people by distributing truth-clarifying materials, I went out to do so on my own. But not long ago, I slacked off again.

I'd like to share how I changed my notions to be more diligent about saving people.

Getting back to distributing truth-clarifying materials

In recent years, no one had distributed truth-clarifying materials systemically in my area. Some practitioners did it intermittently. I wished to reach out to everyone in my town, but there were always interruptions and my attachment to comfort also stopped me.

In 2016, I finally decided to distribute materials to each family in my town before the farming season started. Every morning I sold breakfast food to make my living. My business became extremely busy in March.

There were also family interruptions. My daughter left college and returned home, but my husband forced her to go back to school. My father also joined my husband in this effort.

My six-year-old daughter would get sick when she got to kindergarten. Just as I was ready to distribute informational materials in the evening, she would cough and cry. When I saw the materials piled up in my house, I felt so anxious.

One night at the end of March, I planned to distribute materials with another practitioner. My daughter started to cough and cry at night, and did not want to go to school. This time, I was determined not to be interrupted and I told Master in my mind, “Master, please help me to have more righteous thoughts so that I can save people.” Then I picked up the materials and left.

At about 9 p.m., we arrived at a village about three miles away. The lights were on and people were milling around. I was scared to be caught and tried to avoid people. There were many dogs in the village. One dog started barking and made other dogs bark, too.

I tried to calm myself by reciting the Fa: “The old cosmos has ended and the new one has begun.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”) I reminded myself that there is no persecution in the new cosmos. I kept on saying, “Everyone, please come read about the truth.” Gradually, I was not scared at all—my only thought was on saving people.

I didn't want to miss any family. I tried to reach each family as fast as possible because I had to go back before my husband started getting things ready for the breakfast business.

When I came back home, it was already 1:30 a.m. After a short rest, I started to prepare food with my husband. At that time, I realized my legs were so painful that I almost couldn't stand. I also couldn't breathe very well, but I finished distributing the materials. I had never been so tired in my entire life, but I felt good.

My little daughter got up in the morning and told me happily, “Mom, I would love to go to school!” This sudden change confirmed my understanding that all the interference was arranged by the old forces to stop me from saving people. If I put saving people as the first priority, the interference will be gone.

Distributing truth-clarifying materials during busy season

When the busy season started, everyone worked on the farms. Whenever I mentioned distributing truth-clarifying materials, they always said that everyone was busy and tired, and no one would read anything after a long day. I knew it was not a righteous way to think about things, but I didn't know what to do.

One day when I was taking a nap after lunch, I heard Master say to me that making and distributing truth-clarifying materials is my mission. I decided to do it on my own. At night, the weather forecast said it would rain the next day. This made me hesitate. However, my thought of saving people was so strong that I had to do it. Then I thought the rain might be good because people couldn't work in the fields, and they would have time to read the pamphlets.

I asked two practitioners to help send righteous thoughts to eliminate interference, and I went out at night by myself. When I was almost done, I got leg cramps. It was so painful and I started to complain, “If there were another practitioner with me, I wouldn't suffer so much.” However, immediately I realized that I shouldn't blame anyone.

Because no practitioners joined me, I couldn't get materials to each family before the busy season. One day I heard my husband say, “There will be a big flood in the south.” I was shocked because I couldn't let the flood happen in my area.

I started to share my thoughts with other practitioners. I said that it was a notion that no one would read these materials during the busy season. If we all think this, it will come true. However, the pamphlets are related to each person's life, so how could they not read it? I said that we had to eliminate our notion so that people would read the materials. We agreed on this and began to act.

We went out together six times and distributed the materials to every family in my area, and we even covered some more remote areas.

Another practitioner and I cooperated very well. When we encountered a dangerous situation, she was always calm and nothing bad actually happened. Whenever she saw an open gate, she walked into the yard and put the brochure in an obvious place. We never threw the materials over the wall.

We should eliminate our fear, improve ourselves, and eliminate attachments to comfort and fear. We shouldn't always think about “me,” but instead think about how to save more people.

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