(Minghui.org) During my illegal detention in July 2015, a police officer who often cursed detainees came to the detention cell. He said to me in the presence of the other detainees, “We all know Falun Dafa practitioners are good people, that the Fa is righteous. So why don't you tell them about Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

At that point I decided I would help everyone in the detention cell withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

A Constant Progression

I started practicing Dafa in 2013. I suffered from heart disease and arthritis before practicing. When my daughter died in a car accident, I painfully grieved and nearly lost my vision and hearing. My husband repeatedly called me from the courtyard, but I could not hear him at all. He was frustrated and I was sad that we were suffering. I thought about finding a way out of the suffering, specifically about suicide.

Luckily, I encountered Dafa. Once I read Zhuan Falun, I knew it to be a great book that taught people to be good. After reading the book for 20 days, my health improved both mentally and physically. I could soon hear my husband without him yelling at me. I felt great! The book Zhuan Falun saved me.

After reading Zhuan Falun many times, I started understanding more deeply the vast meanings it contained, such as why people become ill, how to avoid illness, where people originate, why people live, and where they go after death. I realized the book provides guidance for people in cultivation, and how to achieve higher levels of the mind, according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The more I read, the more I treasured the book. I thus decided to cultivate.

When I told my husband that I decided to practice Dafa, he said that the government prohibited it. I said he should learn more about it before drawing any conclusions. I could tell the righteous from the evil, I said, and I experienced the beauty of Dafa. He asked me about the Tiananmen Self-Immolation incident. I said that it was fabricated to slander Dafa and deceived people. He asked, “Why is Falun Dafa against the CCP?”

I replied, “Good is rewarded with good and evil meets with evil. It is the heavenly rule. If the CCP persecutes cultivators and ignores gods and Buddhas, the higher beings will eliminate it.”

I followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. As such, I take good care of my family. Yet, my husband often troubled me and tried to force me into giving up Dafa. I made it clear that I wholeheartedly believed in it, so nothing could change it. I told my husband that my life is full of hope and brightness due to practicing Dafa. On the other hand, he suffered many illnesses, while all my illnesses disappeared without spending a penny.

After witnessing the changes Dafa brought me for a half year, he withdrew from the CCP-related organizations. Later, he said he agreed with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and would not object to my practicing anymore. The lumbar disc herniation, stomach disease, and kidney disease he suffered from before all disappeared.It is true that when one person practices Dafa, it benefits the whole family.

I was reported to local officials in July 2015 for distributing truth clarification materials. After I was arrested, the police told me to sign a statement, but I refused. Later, when they sent me to the detention center, they wanted me to sign more documents, which I refused again. They then sent me to a brainwashing class.

“I did not do anything wrong and will not go to the brainwashing class,” I said.

The police said I was required to go. I told them they were not in charge, but that my Master was.

“You can clarify the truth about Dafa here, but you have to follow the rules,” one of the officers said.

“Dafa is the righteous Fa saving people, I said. “It has brought brightness and hope to China. Former dictator Jiang Zemin made a big mistake by persecuting Dafa. He will be punished sooner or later. Please don't act as his surrogate anymore. Many law enforcement officers have withdrawn from the CCP. You should withdraw soon.”

An older officer asked how to withdraw from the CCP. I asked for his name so I could help him. He said he would consider it and asked a woman officer to send me back to my cell. I asked her if she had joined the CCP or its related organizations before. If so, I told her I could help her withdraw using an alias.

People are awakening, thanks to the many practitioners who have been clarifying the truth to them over the years.